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Ukrainian court upholds verdict against music site

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Nov 2007 17:21 User comments (4)

Ukrainian court upholds verdict against music site A judgment reached previously against, accused of copyright infringement, has been upheld by a Ukrainian court. The verdict obliges the site's operators, Internet Media File Ltd., to pay over US$70,000 in damages and an injunction granted against them will now be enforced. Internet Media File objected to the earlier verdict granting an injunction to IFPI member company HonestMusic.
HonestMusic noticed that was using 36 of its tracks without permission, allowing users to download them. UAMI, the IFPI-affiliated group that represents the recording industry in Ukraine, is working with the judiciary and law enforcement agencies with the aim to extend the injunction against to the repertoire of other IFPI member companies and to initiate the criminal investigation of and other sites in Ukraine.

"The Kiev Appeals Court verdict is a welcome and encouraging development for the music industry in Ukraine, where internet piracy virtually paralyses the development of a viable and legitimate online market for recorded music," Stefan Krawczyk, IFPI Deputy Regional Director for Europe said. "This judgment sets a precedent and will help us to ensure that Ukraine does not become a safe haven for the next generation of illegal sites. It suggests that policymakers and the judiciary are waking up to the importance of policing intellectual property laws online."

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4 user comments

112.11.2007 3:41

thats so lame. they sue one site so it looks like theyre fighting piracy while when I went to ukraine a month ago, there's pirated music and movies sold on pretty much every block of kharkov and kiev.

223.11.2007 5:30

And its not like fighting this one single site will make any difference - there are like 15+ other sites just like it (although they are mostly in russia) - take a look at .

323.11.2007 5:53

aliks0905 , i think this is only start of fighting - so high-sounding process to prevent piracy...

41.12.2007 21:41

this will not end here it will have ups and downs and appeals after appeals.

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