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High quality YouTube videos in three months

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 15 Nov 2007 16:31 User comments (6)

High quality YouTube videos in three months YouTube co-founder Steve Chen has confirmed that higher-quality video content will be available to YouTube viewers soon. He made the comments while speaking at he NewTeeVee Live conference. He said that YouTube's goal remains to ensure all of its content is viewable for all users, which requires a lower-bitrate solution, but that it was working on a player that could determine the connection speed of the user and offer higher quality video.
Chen commented that the current resolution in use on YouTube has been good enough for the site until now. He believes that high-quality YouTube videos will be available to everyone within three months. The company needs to offer quality improvements or it risks sending viewers to competing video-sharing sites, or even creators of amateur content which it values.

Chen said that all the original videos uploaded by users are still stored on YouTube's servers in their native quality. However, he warned that quite a lot of the original videos stored on the servers are 320x240, which means quality improvements may not even be noticeable with some videos.


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6 user comments

116.11.2007 8:09

I would be glad to see some material in HD resolutions, lets say for example trailers would be good. Also, youtube is known for it's DIY material so a lot better quality would be useful, so users can really see what's happening there.

222.11.2007 18:08

some material in HD resolutions,

no the quality will get better but due to the high volume of videos that are constantly being uploaded to youtube and the video being viewed in order to maintain fast enough stream time quality must be sacrificed

33.12.2007 1:11

i think this should come with the site as an option that users get to choose and set depending on their connection speed.

44.12.2007 4:30

or maybe a small fee for the HD content

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54.12.2007 16:17

veoh seems to offer much higher quality and it's buffering speed is only a bit slower, in my opinion youtube is being lazy!!. they have more money/resources but decide not to improve the quality of the videos that are uploaded, once the video is uploaded and streaming on youtube its quality is much worse then the original file, but i would be very happy to see any improvements to the site

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629.5.2008 0:19

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