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Samsung phone with Napster Mobile through AT&T

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 24 Nov 2007 16:13 User comments (3)

Samsung phone with Napster Mobile through AT&T A new AT&T-exclusive Samsung mobile phone will be the first to offer the Napster Mobile service on the AT&T network. The SLM phone will be available this holiday season. Users of the phone will be able to browser through the five-million-strong Napster catalog and play previews of the tracks before possibly buying them. A five-track-pack option for $7.49 allows a user to download five tracks per month, or buy individually for $1.99.
AT&T Vice President Carlton Hill said that the SLM, "represents the best collection thus far of our music, multimedia, and messaging services." Besides the support for the Napster Mobile service, the phone is also compatible with XM Radio Mobile, Pandora, and the MusicID song-recognition service. It features a 2.0 megapixel camera with video-capture abilities and download speeds of up to 1,400 Kbps through AT&T's HSDPA network.

It is also the first phone to have AT&T's mobile banking application, a recently announced offering that allows customers of Wachovia and SunTrust Banks to view their bank account balances and manage their funds.

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3 user comments

125.11.2007 6:49

why do these bring everything to exclusive should't we have a policy of free market.

220.12.2007 6:08

No thanxs not for me.

321.8.2008 4:51

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