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Maxell offers lens cleaner for HD DVD & Blu-ray

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Jan 2008 1:26 User comments (1)

Maxell offers lens cleaner for HD DVD & Blu-ray Maxell Corporation of America has unveiled a lens cleaner for HD DVD and Blu-ray hardware, aimed at prolonging the life and quality of HD DVD and Blu-ray products. The cleaner features a patented Wind Funnel Cleaning System that can remove dust and dirt from sensitive equipment without the need for brushes or chemicals.
"As technology expands, proper care is needed to prolong the life and quality of products that consumers have invested in," said Gordon Tetreault, director of sales and marketing for Maxell's accessory products. "The new Blu-Ray Lens Cleaner will ensure you can enjoy the very best your media has to offer by delicately removing excessive build up and residue which can tarnish the viewing experience and even damage a player completely."

While the disc rotates in the player, it generates an air stream in a spiral motion which is used to remove dust particles from the lens without damaging the surface. Maxell's new Blu-Ray/HD DVD Lens Cleaner will be available in March 2008 for a suggested retail price of $24.99.

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112.1.2008 23:46

I was wondering when they were going to bring these products out for the blu-ray and HD DVD devices.

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