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Constantin Film picks Blu-ray format exclusively

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2008 18:37 User comments (6)

Constantin Film picks Blu-ray format exclusively German studio Constantin Film AG has chosen the Blu-ray format for distribution of high-definition movies and other video content. Up to now, the company has supported both the HD DVD and the Blu-ray technology. Ever since Warner Bros. made the move to Blu-ray exclusivity, there has been speculation about what studios would follow. While the focus has been on major Hollywood studios, it is easy to forget the smaller players in the market.
"Last weekend, the major US studio Warner Brothers already rejected a dual-format strategy too and communicated its decision in favour of the Blu-ray technology. By taking this trendsetting decision, the market-leading US film group has helped to bring about faster the urgently needed clarification of the situation and to end the 'format war,' that has been going on for years now," Constantin's press statement reads.

"In taking our decision in favour of the Blu-ray format, we are clearly following the international trend. The longstanding dispute about the successor to the DVD caused considerable uncertainty among consumers in 2007 in particular and has led to a delay in the mainstream introduction of hi-def as a result. Clear positioning therefore has advantages for consumers, producers and retailers," said Franz Woodtli, Home Entertainment Director at Constantin Film AG.

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6 user comments

111.1.2008 19:44

First! lol

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211.1.2008 19:46

Yet another nail in the coffin for HD DVD. Ok already, Blu-Ray has won. If you disagree then you're just in denial. Documentaries 2008 CES Blu-Ray Presentation LIVE

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412.1.2008 2:12

Originally posted by vinny13:
Exactly! One by one they will all come down.

hd-dvd can tread water for as long as they can, but eventually they will go under.

512.1.2008 23:38

624.1.2008 3:09

Everyone is going to join the blu-ray band wagon.

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