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Equinux introduces USB TV Tuner for Macs

Written by Dave Horvath @ 25 Jan 2008 12:51 User comments (3)

Equinux introduces USB TV Tuner for Macs Folks over at Equinux have given Apple users something more to cheer about with the introduction of their Tubestick hybrid USB digital and analog TV tuner for the Macintosh computer. It comes in the well known Mac white and houses two individual receivers for both digital and analog television transmissions. These two receivers are capable of allowing users to watch digital over-the-air HDTV broadcasts, digital QAM or analog signals.
Equinux took great lengths to ensure the design would be aesthetically pleasing as the Macintosh computers. Its sleek white with semi-curved edges and has a minimalistic design theory. Each Tubestick comes with a matching white antenna for receiving the transmissions. The antenna is plug and play with the device. Users will not have to worry about screwing in an antenna as it just snaps into place, ready to go.

No information has been given as to the price of this unit, but you can expect it to go on sale this February in the US.

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3 user comments

125.1.2008 14:10

If the asking price wasn't too high, and someone came out with a PC Version of this, I would not hesitate to buy it.

There are no OTA (terrestrial) digital broadcasts in my area yet, but they are coming, sure as rain. This seems like a terrific little device.

227.1.2008 7:08

Will it give Elegato (for Macs) competition price wise. That is the question. Is there any recording software bundled as it is with Elegato?

319.2.2008 7:14

This kinda connection should be used in the mainstream field and i will be waiting for that to happen.

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