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Adobe to offer TV shows online

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2008 19:07 User comments (3)

Adobe to offer TV shows online Adobe Systems Inc. has started public trials of its software delivering television shows to viewers over the Internet. The planned service will provide ad-supported subscriptions to viewers and will include some top television programs like CBS Corp.'s CSI, Survivor and Big Brother. A company official revealed details on the service on Thursday.
Partnerships with content providers that include CBS and MTV-parent Viacom Inc. will drive the service, providing vital content to gather a base of regular users in the increasingly competitive market for online video. The programming will be available to users through the Adobe Media Player, said Adobe Senior Director of Product Marketing Mark Randall.

While not revealing anymore financial information, Randall said that Adobe and its content partners will share revenue from the advertisements displayed with the videos.

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3 user comments

14.4.2008 0:47

I'll try it if:

1. It really is free. I'm not made of money.
2. The ads are fade-ins or something unobtrusive, without
stopping the show.
3. It really is good quality.
4. It can be displayed in FULLSCREEN! Drives me nuts not to have
that as an option. ;-)

28.4.2008 16:51

And so Adobe gets into the video steaming game by offering us.....guess what?

BS Corp.'s CSI, Survivor and Big Brother.

CSI seems to have a huge following on commerical TV and so probably do these other two 'reality' programs Survivor and Big Brother. Oh joy. More crap.


39.4.2008 17:38

cant wait to have my hands on it i really hope that there are no ads they are annoying

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