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SDK for iPhone, iPod hacks surfaces

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2008 19:09 User comments (5)

SDK for iPhone, iPod hacks surfaces The iPhone Dev Team has delivered the Mac OSX version of a much-anticipated software development kit (SDK) for the development of "unsigned code" to be used with iPod Touch and iPhone. This allows developers to bypass the official pathway laid by Apple to get applications running on the iPhone. A version of the SDK for the Windows platform is expected to be released within the next day.
The PwnageTool tool will be useful for anyone who is interested in developing for the Apple platforms. Many developers have already retrieved Apple's official iPhone SDK and registered for the iPhone developer program, but have been left in the dark over whether or not they can build applications with Apple's imprimatur.

The iPhone Dev Team developed the iPhone unlock tool last year and claims that hundreds of thousands of users have unlocked their iPhones already. According to the team, hacks built with PwnageTool cannot be blocked and defeated by software updates from Apple.

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5 user comments

13.4.2008 20:44

Score Another One for The Good(Hacker)Guys.

They will learn that they should just quit with the Whole DRM & locking macenizems. you can't keep us out, and you never will.

23.4.2008 21:13

I expect that half the programs developed will be made by people who have little to no idea what they are doing.

34.4.2008 9:52

Originally posted by 21Q:
I expect that half the programs developed will be made by people who have little to no idea what they are doing.
Errr....while it is a given that will be the case with some. Still, it is amazing what can happen when a development community gets together and start "hacking" away at something. Linux and Palm come to mind. Don't give up on them yet. It is way to early for that.

44.4.2008 12:24

i knew there was a reason i didnt buy that drm crippled mess at launch. 3g iphone pwnage!

54.4.2008 19:56

I know this..

Apple lies to consumers everyday.

For instant apple told users they had to have 1 gig of ram to run apples aperture photo editing suit and user found out that aperture by just changing the config file could run on 512 megs of ram.

Which basicly means apple lied again.

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