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TiVo 9.3 update to speed up interface

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2008 1:08 User comments (4)

TiVo 9.3 update to speed up interface The upcoming software update to be rolled out to all TiVo subscribers promises to speed up performance of the DVR interface. Slow performance from TiVo equipment has generated customer complaints going back eight years to when the company was founded. The 9.3 update aims to speed up common tasks for the user.
No longer will the DVR pause for nearly a minute while it reorders Season Pass priorities or stall for half a minute upon the creation of a Season Pass. In these areas, users will see improvements between 10 and 30 seconds. TiVo Central, the default dashboard that appears when you press the TiVo button on your remote, will also load about 1 second faster.

Several seconds are also shaved off the delay when a recording is confirmed. The update doesn't seem to be offering any new features, but it does have some unspecified fixes related to CableCARD. An exact date for the release has not been specified, but it is expected in April.

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4 user comments

13.4.2008 1:51

Saving an extra few seconds is always nice, a few seconds may not seem like a lot (or maybe it does!) but they add up.

If this saves you 30 seconds twice a week for a year thats 52 minutes you can now spend doing other things such as watching TV (or, heaven forbid, exercise or both simultaneously!). :P


23.4.2008 3:15

i am personally more interested in the cable card stuff cause i am looking into getting one of the two HD version in the next month or two!

33.4.2008 12:18

They can make 10 times faster, but unless they fix the problem that Cable Companies are starting to use Switched Video, which is incompatible with TiVo, then they are going to loose business.
Work on getting ALL the channels on offer, then you can work on speed and VOD.
Personally, I'd prefer cable companies to use the Switched Video for VOD and PPV instead, and leave plain channels alone. Just add all of the available channels. I'm still waiting for Charter to add SciFi-HD

414.4.2008 10:18

The software Tivo uses addresses that problem so Tivo will be here to stay. Yes Tivo does offer the new HD boxes so you don't have to rent them from your cable company. I was a beta tester for the past year and the new services coming are great, I can't say anything more than that as I signed an agreement with them.

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