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iPhone browser tops mobile browser usage in U.S.

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Apr 2008 23:36 User comments (2)

iPhone browser tops mobile browser usage in U.S. The iPhone / iPod Touch version of the Safari web browser has become the most used mobile browser for Internet browsing, according to research from StatCounter. It sits ahead of the Symbian operating system in the U.S., but sits behind it on a worldwide scale, while both ultimately trump Windows Mobile. Of course, the iPhone/iPod only account for 0.23 percent of the overall browsing in the United States.
On a global scale, they account for 0.08 percent of all browsing activity, which is actually quite good considering the number of countries the products are available in. StatCounter is not alone in its findings for the iPhone browser either, Net Applications also puts Symbian ahead of the iPod and iPhone software on a global scale

Net Applications estimates 0.19 percent of worldwide browsing is done with an iPod or iPhone, whereas 0.25 percent goes to Symbian. The success of the iPhone and iPod in web-browsing is the attempt that Apple made to a unified, full browser experience.

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2 user comments

110.4.2008 6:28

WoW only 0.23%..

Well looks like more people are hacking there iphones then paying for at&t's crappy service huh.

210.4.2008 7:13

You want to know what make it even better? I it didn't randomly crash and close out! I've speculated that the system memory gets to full and can longer work correctly, such as a normal computer would. The iPhone should be able to just dump it when it gets to full.

To anyone who thinks I mean storage memory .... that's just sad.

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