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Blockbuster plans set-top box for direct-to-TV streaming

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 10 Apr 2008 23:11 User comments (9)

Blockbuster plans set-top box for direct-to-TV streaming Home video rental giant Blockbuster is reportedly planning to offer a set-top device that can delivery video from the Internet directly to a television. This would put Blockbuster in direct competition with products such as the Apple TV device, which has gained less-than-perfect sales since its launch, despite on-going hype. The development would also get Blockbuster ready for tougher competition with Netflix, which is already developing something similar with LG Electronics.
"We're talking to numerous companies and vendors about products, services, alliances and initiatives that can help us achieve our mission to transform Blockbuster into a company that provides access to media content across multiple channels -- from our stores, by mail, through kiosks, through downloading, through portable content-enabled devices -- so it's not surprising that there are rumors out there," a Spokeswoman for Blockbuster is reported as saying by the Hollywood Reporter.

The new service would be an extension to the MovieLink service that was previously purchased by Blockbuster. The reinvention of the Blockbuster brand could prove to be successful if it comes to the market, but it could also hurt Blockbuster's core and vital business. It would be a stand-alone product like Apple TV, as opposed to offering downloadable support for existing products such as Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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9 user comments

110.4.2008 23:55

The one and only thing that will get this off the ground is the brand name. Every other internet streaming box that I've come across bombed out or was lightly successful. If Blockbuster [BB] can pull this off, it may, and I stress may, catch on. Problen is, 75% on all the people I know have a 1.5 Mbps broadband connection which pretty much sucks at streaming video. Hopefully BB will find a hardware company that uses an efficient codec to accommodate these type of customers, small a customer base though it may be.

210.4.2008 23:59

one word...sweet:)

311.4.2008 9:28

interesting thing about their greed is that through all this trauma for their company (blockbuster) they still will not get competitive with small rental outlets who will already rent you a new relase dvd for 4 bucks and less in some instances. They instead go to a no late fee policy. While that is all well and good for some advertising, it gets the movies and games out of the store for an undetermined period of time , usually up to one month, just before they charge you for the disc. smart move?

411.4.2008 11:09

One word...lame.

The best thing this thing will do is bomb (which it will, like ALL BB marketing ploys have) and further cut into BB's already weak market share, and hopfully put them out of business faster. The sooner the better I say.

511.4.2008 17:54

BB is putting itself out of business with it's prices. BB stores are up to $5+ for DVD rental, while almost any new gas station convenience stores are $1.

612.4.2008 3:19

5 bucks for a rental is BS man

713.4.2008 14:22

They must be on drugs .....

813.4.2008 14:34

my eurovox max box is gone came anyone help me get it back on

923.4.2008 1:45

Another Landfill Lump.

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