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Pirate Bay reaches 22 million peers

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 09 Nov 2008 3:06 User comments (6)

Pirate Bay reaches 22 million peers The infamous BitTorrent tracker, The Pirate Bay, is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. The site announced that is has reached 22 million peers this week, an increase of 10 million peers since April this year. Earlier this year, the tracker had set itself a goal of reaching 20 million peers and recently smashed that figure in much less time than was expected.
The site currently is host to over 3 million registered members and is evidently used by multiple times that figure. The site has survived attempts to shut it down from all angles, but its users have never suffered any major inconveniences or outages from those efforts. The site ridicules legal threats and other notices from legal reps of content companies and publishes them for all to see, and has had no problem standing up government pressure.

The site maintains that it is, and always has been operating legally since it does not offer any illegal content whatsoever to its users.

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6 user comments

19.11.2008 3:51

Nice to see the community is growing at a very fast rate.

29.11.2008 8:42

There's just over twenty one million of us who else is using pirate bay?
Kinda puts it into perspective for this author. :P

39.11.2008 8:57

looks like all the failed attempts to shut down the pirate bay has served as free advertising, quite ironic.

49.11.2008 23:21

ya thanks for the advertisement smart allecks now there gonna shut it down like all the others keep the updated info to your self keep these best sites on the downlow so they will last longer

510.11.2008 3:30

do u think the Pirate Bay has got so big that thay will never shut it down?

wonder how many people go 2 mininova?

618.11.2008 6:02

MiniWHO ? TPB Forever !

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