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Nintendo DS gets GPS Navigation system

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 21 Apr 2009 12:55 User comments (6)

Nintendo DS gets GPS Navigation system A GPS system for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console has been around for some time, but now GPS is new to the Nintendo DS handheld thanks to a product called Ranger, from Fab Chain of China. The product uses Google Maps, can do fake 3D map rendering and uses a U-Blox GPS receiver. It can also connect to other devices such as a laptop or a PDA as well.

It comes with it's own rechargeable battery that is charged via USB. It's website, is mostly incomplete, and has no information on pricing or available yet.

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6 user comments

121.4.2009 14:49

That would certainly be a fun gadget to have on the ds, but I don't think I would carry something that sticks that much out of my ds. Does a card come with it or do we have to load a rom on a card ourself?

222.4.2009 1:00

I'm not too sure what you would use gps for in a ds. Seems like gps stuff would work a little bit better on something like an iphone or one of those google android phones.

322.4.2009 1:50

That looks a little to bulky. I don't think I'd want to carry that around in my pocket.

423.4.2009 11:34

go to and look into densikas forum and his MapTHIS project for the psp. it is far superior to this. I love my psp gps.

527.4.2009 11:32

Doesn't work on a DSi since the DSi has no GBA port.

That being said, looks too big, but first generation products are usually like that. If they get that shrunk down enough, it would be a great product. I'd rather have that than a camera and image editing software to stretch faces around.

629.4.2009 13:18

GPS on DS isn't new.
There are many homebrew programs with GPS functionality for DS using DSerial hardware which connect to DS slot and not gba slot. It was even one of the first homebrew idea developed for DS.
What's new is it's not a homebrew anymore.

Here is one of the homebrew example.

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