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ASUS USB TV tuner includes 4GB storage

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 27 Apr 2009 13:45 User comments (6)

ASUS USB TV tuner includes 4GB storage ASUS today released the new ASUS Express TV Stick which features high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception, plus a host of versatile utilities. By just inserting the ASUS Express TV Stick into the computer's USB 2.0 port, it will automatically install software to enable recording or viewing of high-quality digital and analog TV programs.
The ASUS Express TV Stick is the world's first hybrid TV stick to come equipped with free memory that incorporates the pre-installed software. Therefore, all users have to do is to plug it into their PCs or NBs, whereupon the auto-installation function will install the driver and run the UI automatically.

One of the best features of the ASUS Express TV Stick is the free 4GBs of added memory. In addition to the convenience of auto-installation, users can utilize the extra storage just like any other thumb drive for data transfers. This makes it ultra convenient for users to record and store programs onto the ASUS Express TV Stick, then share them with their family or friends.

The TV tuner is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista Home Premium, Vista Home Basic, Vista Ultimate, and Windows XP platforms.

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6 user comments

127.4.2009 14:59

Interesting, but how are you supposed to connect to the signal?

227.4.2009 16:29

It's over the air, only... looks like it has an FM tuner too. It also has a remote.

I can't seem to find a price.

327.4.2009 17:09

Originally posted by ThePastor:
It's over the air, only... looks like it has an FM tuner too. It also has a remote.

I can't seem to find a price.
So, it's like a miniature antenna. That's really interesting. Did you check asus website for it?

427.4.2009 18:15

I'm tempted coz I'm sick of waiting for nebula to release 64bit drivers for my digitv

527.4.2009 23:17

The "4GB" memory stick seems enticing, however, considering that you can buy one for $10...if that's the only selling point, not a very strong one.

It has good support across multiple platforms, which is a plus, but it does not have the capability to have an external antenna connected. I wonder how strong of a reception the little dongle has...especially someone in a remote area. Is not like you can sit with your laptop up in a tree like a little monkey to watch the news and see if the bananas got any cheaper.

Before being mesmerized by the "4GB memory", better do your research.

I wonder what the price is?

Here's something similar for about $40, which also works as a video capture device(allowing VHS transfer...).You can also connect your cable, an antenna....Has remote, cable for video capture..However, might not be compatible with all the OS out there.

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629.4.2009 21:28

I am intrested in trying this out i love how it has extra storage it remeinds me of my tivo device i have it plays my tv and records what i choose to watch later. I would love to know how much this is going to cost.

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