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Verizon Wireless warming to Apple partnership

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Apr 2009 22:37 User comments (5)

Verizon Wireless warming to Apple partnership According to BusinessWeek, Apple and Verizon Wireless are in talks to offer iPhone-like devices to the market. The report cites two people familiar with the matter, claiming that Apple has produced prototypes of two new devices and that discussions stretching back six months included Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
One of the sources who saw the devices described one as an "iPhone lite". The other is a media device would let users listen to music, view photos, and watch high-definition videos, and could place calls using Wi-Fi. The sources go on to say that one of the devices might reach the market as early as this summer.

AT&T has been Apple's sole carrier for the iPhone. The carrier has benefited immensely from the exclusive deal, adding seven million subscribers because of it. It has reportedly been in talks with Apple to extend the agreement, which is set to expire as early as next year.

Apple working more closely with Verizon Wireless, a combination of Verizon Communications and Vodafone, might pressure AT&T into accepting terms that are biased toward Apple's interests in a new deal. It is also worth noting that Verizon could have been the sole carrier for iPhone initially, but it objected to sharing monthly service fees and Apple's desire to choose which retailers could sell the phone.

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5 user comments

130.4.2009 17:03

If I was AT&T I would be doing everything possible to keep the iPhone from also going to Verizon. It's the one thing they have that sets them apart in a big way. On the other hand...this would be huge for Apple allowing them access to a huge number of customers that are stuck in their Verizon contracts. In the least bit like the article says, all of this talk is making AT&T very nervous and could get them to accept a less than stellar deal just to keep the iPhone. Check out this video here about where Verizon sits right now.

230.4.2009 23:45

The ONLY reason to use AT&T is the Apple iPhone. In So Calif. AT&T's coverage is so crappy that the iPhone is what keeps them in the market. If you noticed Verizon had huge sales of the Storm. And the Storm II is coming in October (according to

What I find really irritating is the fact that I cannot buy a phone and use it with any phone company. I really would like to try the Android, but Google hooked up with the most dysfuntional phone carrier in T-mobile.

One of these days .......

31.5.2009 4:15

Originally posted by NewsIAm:
...It's the one thing they have that sets them apart in a big way.
- That's not true, they have their terrible customer support, poor coverage, high costs...

AT&T is why I still don't have an iPhone.
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41.5.2009 18:24

I am waiting as well. I would not get att service just to get an iphone. The service s.....

52.5.2009 6:50

damn it verizon! as if we need to see iphone users mockingly say 'can you hear me now, good!' (rolls eyes/sarcasm) - BLUEBOY

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