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Apple's redesigned iMac line reportedly ready

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 26 Sep 2009 13:02 User comments (4)

Apple's redesigned iMac line reportedly ready Apple is reportedly ready to introduce a new 2009 Mac product line with a new family of iMacs, according to AppleInsider sources. The new iMacs were reportedly finalized early in September and have been in production at Taiwanese product lines for about two weeks. The systems are expected to feature a thinner industrial design, and to offer more affordable models for consumers.
The new models are expected to take design cues from Apple's relatively new LED-lit Cinema Display products. Rumors about the new line-up suggest that support for Blu-ray - which Apple CEO Steve Jobs once referred to as a "bag of hurt" from a licensing perspective - would finally be present. That would possibly be a feature of a premium iMac model.

Apple's corporate and educational sales teams have been offering volume customers discounts of between $100 and $200 this month on existing iMac models, according to reports. Representatives allegedly stressed to buyers that the offer would only be available for a week or so, possibly anxious to clear existing inventories before showing new products.

According to AppleInsider sources, an announcement of the new models with specs will come anytime between now and mid-October.

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4 user comments

126.9.2009 15:17

i like apple products but i never feel im getting my money's worth. It sucks that once you buy something you know its going to have a bigger hardrive, different features, etc. In a couple of months

226.9.2009 22:53

Exactly! That's why I buy Windows machines. I know that the technology I'm buying isn't going to improve any time soon, so I feel better about my investment.


326.9.2009 23:43

i shouldve been more clear, i was actually talking about to the ipod/iphone line-up, and how they add a revision every couple months. but why the dumb ass remark?

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427.9.2009 20:33

I'll stick with my present iMAC 24" good old white plastic surround without the horrible glass reflective front.

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