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Theora 1.1 'Thusnelda' released

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 28 Sep 2009 14:56 User comments (1)

Theora 1.1 'Thusnelda' released The people at have released Theora 1.1, a year after releasing Theora 1.0. The format itself hasn't been altered; existing Theora videos will be decoded fine with the new decoder and the new encoder will produce bitstreams that work with existing Theora players.
The update is largely an improvement for the Theora encoder which improves video quality over v1.0, brings rate control for live streaming, two-pass mode, consistent CPU usage and a more efficient decoder.

The Theora 1.1 release fixes a problem for its users, which was the production of "fuzzy video". The following pictures are from Xiph developer Monty. Click to open both in new tabs and flick between them to see the difference.

Theora 1.0

Theora 1.1

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129.9.2009 5:13

The one thing this is lacking for the comparision is the original image (frame). All that can be said is 1.1 looks better than 1.0 however for all we know it could have been run through some msharpen filter where is the original frame for comparision ???

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