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Internet Explorer 9 embracing HTML 5, GPU acceleration

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Mar 2010 0:43 User comments (12)

Internet Explorer 9 embracing HTML 5, GPU acceleration Microsoft's upcoming update for its web browser, Internet Explorer 9, puts a lot of focus on support for the HTML 5 standards. IE9 is also expected to beef up performance, offloading tasks within the web browser to the graphics processing unit (GPU), or using separate CPU cores for certain elements of web pages if available.
While still easily the world's most used web browser, Internet Explorer has seen its market share drop along with its reputation as rivals such as Mozilla and Google pump out more and more features, support and speed for their web browsers.

The new IE supports CSS3 features such as rounded corners and opacity, while also now supporting SVG even though Microsoft is pushing its own Silverlight platform for rich graphics. At a conference in Las Vegas where IE9 was demoed, Microsoft showed H.264 video running at 720p in the browser, with the support for the video and audio content built-in.

The new Chakra Javascript engine compiles in the background on a separate CPU core if it is available on the machine. Microsoft is also including hardware acceleration into the browser to speed up web page rendering. The company calls it "GPU-powered-HTML5" which will greatly improve graphics performance within a browser and improve more normal tasks such as scrolling web pages by handing over processing to the graphics card.

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12 user comments

117.3.2010 0:58

interesting, but I was hoping they would have dropped the name "IE"-9, not very revolutionary. I will still probably stick to firefox.

217.3.2010 2:03
Unverified new user

Nice... Lets see.

Thanks for the Update guys.

317.3.2010 4:11
Unverified new user

I use k-meleon and its much faster than IE or Firefox. It also has multi tabbed feature.

417.3.2010 4:50

Originally posted by Joel_Avadi:
I use k-meleon and its much faster than IE or Firefox. It also has multi tabbed feature.
But what about capabilities? Firefox still has not matched IE4 on some features...I doubt k-meleon is much better...

517.3.2010 9:44

I use Opera for sheer simplicity and overall performance.
but I cant upload images to facebook...:(

617.3.2010 10:21

Coolio, where can i get a beta MS !!! lol

Seriously GPU supports fantastic... how long before someone works out a new code injection for that tho haha

What the world needs is to kill off flash, its crap for video over 320x240 and fails badly to give a stable frame rate, oh and no proper overlay support, just more cpu overhead.

GPU integration is one step closer to getting rid of adobes monstrosity and replace it with something modern that doesnt take a quad core system to just view 1080p flash video without deacking the cpu to 100%

717.3.2010 11:38

call me when the damn thing can make lunch

817.3.2010 12:33

IE9, sounds bloody fantastic, but i wonder if MS will ever leave trident to go with webkit?

917.3.2010 15:09

Microsoft confirms IE9 will shun Windows XP However haven't been interested in IE since 6.0 anyway, nor have i used it much since then

1017.3.2010 23:13

"embracing HTML 5..." PLUS their OWN bastardizations they feel a need to include because they're more right than any community or standards organization?

1119.3.2010 17:27

microsoft is sure churning out new versions of IE. remember the huge gap between IE5 to 6. before they came out with 7. now 7, 8 and 9 under 3 years lol

1219.3.2010 21:48

Originally posted by creaky:
However haven't been interested in IE since 6.0 anyway, nor have i used it much since then
He he. Same here. IE has never been my default browser. First it was Netscape with its multiple iterations, then Opera (when it was revolutionary) and Firefox for quite some time now.

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