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Wi-Fi Direct certification started this week

Written by James Delahunty @ 01 Nov 2010 12:53 User comments (3)

Wi-Fi Direct certification started this week Earlier this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance announced that certification of Wi-Fi Direct products had commenced, for device-to-device transmission of data.
With portable content like photos, videos and music taking center stage in the digital consumer experience, Wi-Fi Direct devices meet an important consumer need: directly connecting devices for applications such as content sharing, synching, printing, and gaming anywhere with ease.

Wi-Fi Direct allows the wireless network requirement to be cut out much more easily between popular consumer devices.

"We designed Wi-Fi Direct to unleash a wide variety of applications which require device connections, but do not need the internet or even a traditional network," said Edgar Figueroa, CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

"Wi-Fi Direct empowers users to connect devices when, where and how they want to, and our certification program delivers products that work well together, regardless of the brand."

Wi-Fi Direct-certified devices can connect with older Wi-Fi certified devices, enabling a vast range of devices already in use to connect with products implementing Wi-Fi Direct from the certification program's inception. With 82 million Wi-Fi-enabled portable consumer electronics and 216 million Wi-Fi enabled handsets set to ship this year, and growing at annual rates of 26 percent through 2014, consumers will be able to use Wi-Fi Direct to connect a huge range of digital devices.

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3 user comments

11.11.2010 01:42

"With ease" must be the key words here. In that case, it sounds like a good idea.

23.11.2010 07:16

I just see this as marketing for what it is, the whole concept is great but this is not a new product by far. Actually a lot of company's do put their own wireless adapters in their products and set it for their devices in fact a router will connect to most things which will cancel out the use for this product.

The Independent network idea has been developing over the years starting with radio then IR, bluetooth, WiFi and Mobile network. Apart from mobile network most of these are home based connections that will connect one device to another where when a home modoem is in place i don't see much use for individual wireless connects when everything could run off the home network.

I think more information is needed on how they can improve telecommunications

34.11.2010 11:50

Not interested, yet. To bad they did not show it making telephones call, or other useful tasks. Maybe by the 10 iteration!

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