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iTunes 10.1.1 update reportedly causes crashes

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Dec 2010 20:32

iTunes 10.1.1 update reportedly causes crashes An update distributed by Apple Inc. for its popular iTunes software that was intended to address stability issues with the software, has had the opposite effect for some users.
iTunes 10.1.1 is the first update pushed out since iTunes 10.1 added support for iOS 4.2 and Airplay functionality with Apple TV. It was issued as a fix for problems that caused the software to terminate unexpectedly during use.

AppleInsider reported that some of its iTunes users complained that after installing the iTunes 10.1 update, the program would crash once it was run. Apple's Support forums also started to get reports of similar problems, which seem to be occuring when iTunes' built-in Software Update feature was used for the update.

In cases, users also complained that they received an error when they tried to update: "The update iTunes can't be saved - a networking error has occurred. Cannot open file (-3001) Make sure you can connect to the internet and try again," a error prompt reads.

Downloading an installer from Apple's website and updating that way seems to resolve all the issues.

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