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MSI announces AM3+ compatibility for its AM3 boards

Written by James Delahunty @ 02 Apr 2011 1:14

MSI announces AM3+ compatibility for its AM3 boards MSI says AM3 boards have easy upgrade solution to support AM3+.
The company officially announced compatibility with all AMD AM3+ multi-core processors on its AMD AM3 mainboards today, saying that it will be made possible by way of a quick BIOS update.

AMD AM3+ multi-core processors are built on the latest 32nm process for significant technical specs: additional cores, a larger L3 cache memory capacity, and the built-in 2nd generation Turbo Core technology boosts overall performance.

Current MSI board owners can download the latest BIOS updates to enable use of the latest AM3+ processors on their respective product pages. In addition, all future shipments of existing AM3 motherboards will have their BIOS updated from the factory before being sent out.

MSI AM3 mainboards with support for AMD AM3+ multi-core processors and corresponding BIOS versions:

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