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EU targets mobile roaming rates again

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 01 Jul 2011 22:19 User comments (6)

EU targets mobile roaming rates again European Commission to present plans for further reductions in mobile roaming tariffs in EU next week.
The EC has set a goal through its digital agenda to almost completely eliminate the difference between national and roaming tariffs by 2015. It will present a proposal to realize that goal on Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the European Commission said.

The Commission introduced caps that operators could charge for customers making calls abroad in 2007 (see: Eurotariff) and adopted revised rules in 2009 that reduced the roaming prices within the EU even further.

At present, the maximum charge for making calls abroad is 35 cents (per min), and 11 cents for receiving. By 2014, the EU plans to reduce the cap further to 24 cents, and to effectively abolish higher roaming charges by 2016. Text messages will be capped at 10 cents each until July 2016.

Some telecommunications operators have attempted to challenge the Euro regulations through the European Court of Justice, but lost their case. They had argued that EU regulations were robbing them of revenues. Others disagreed, saying that lowing the cost of calls and texts while roaming would encourage people to use their mobile phones more often than they do now.

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6 user comments

12.7.2011 12:51

Of course their robbing them of revenue... It called bilking the public. These companies are probably not taxing in accordance and making money hand over fist like the oil companies so the European government is shutting them down (in a manner of speaking).

Or... the European politicians are just as tired of paying bloated cell phone bills they can't read either. So they figure the phone companies are making "crazy" money from nothing (which I guess there's some kind of law against?) & feel it's their duty to stop it.

Pure speculation at the moment, but for now a small win for the folks across the pond.

22.7.2011 22:04

Those companies simply have had the public over a barrel for too long and, left to themselves, refused to do the right thing, despite years of repeated warnings and requests that they change their ways.

So now the EU (ie the European national Govs acting collectively) have forced them to move.
The 1st time they were pushed a little and told in no uncertain terms what would happen if they did not do the right thing themselves.
What do you know?
They did nothing, choosing to rake out the max cash from Joe Public until the 59th minute of the 11th hour.
So now the EU has acted again.

F**k 'em.
They were warned repeatedly and they chose not to act of their own accord.

It's not like there is any serious credible reason why people should be charged extortionate amounts using a modern digital continental cellular network anyway.

39.7.2011 5:18

I pay 36 cents per/min to make a call / and 12 cents to send a text to people on other carriers in my own country.

Tell me thats not ridiculous.

Country: Bulgaria (Joined EU in 2007)

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49.7.2011 13:32

Originally posted by iKronic:
I pay 36 cents per/min to make a call / and 12 cents to send a text to people on other carriers in my own country.

Tell me thats not ridiculous.

Country: Bulgaria (Joined EU in 2007)
That's not ridiculous... it extortionist beyond reproach!!! I could rant for pages about how they are gouging you & your fellow country folk, but then I would be flamed for being the wordy be-yotch that I am...

59.7.2011 13:35


Hopefully this is a gradual process, first they'll nail the b@stards on international call pricing and at some point (soon) move on to tackle domestic over-charging.

610.7.2011 0:51

my yellow country folk??.. pick up an atlas russ.. or better yet wiki it..

thx interestx :)

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