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Samsung Galaxy Tab escapes Dutch ban, for now

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 16 Aug 2011 3:20

Samsung Galaxy Tab escapes Dutch ban, for now Court decides not to impose immediate sales ban in the Netherlands.
Apple targeted Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Netherlands, hoping to get an injunction against its import and sale placed on the South Korean electronics giant. Samsung will go to court in Germany on August 25 in an attempt to get an injunction overturned there.

Apple accused Samsung of slavishly cloning the iPad with its Galaxy Tab 10.1, and its iPhone models with the line of Galaxy smartphones. It filed legal actions against Samsung in the United States, Australia, Europe and South Korea.

It specifically targeted the Netherlands because Samsung's European distribution center is located there. A court at The Hague declined to impose an immediate sales ban and will reach a decision by September 15. If it sided with Apple, it would mean an injunction would come into effect on October 13.

Samsung has complained that Apple's model registrations, which are a central part of its evidence against Samsung, are far too general. It points out, for example, that a lot of products which pre-date the iPad, featured a similar design, such as its own SPF107H 10-inch Digital Photo Frame.

Samsung hasn't taken the Apple actions lying down though. It has countersued Apple for infringement of UMTS patents in dozens of European courts. A court in The Hague will hear one of those cases tomorrow.

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