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LG's 'dual view' televisions for multi-player gaming

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 07 Sep 2011 1:38 User comments (5)

LG's 'dual view' televisions for multi-player gaming Forget split screen, 3D television technology used to provide two different pictures on full screen.
LG call them its "Dual View" televisions. Demonstrated by Microsoft at IFA in Berlin, the new TVs display two separate pictures on the same screen, and use special 3D-like glasses to ensure that each gamer only sees one of those images.

The technology will go on sale in a limited number of LG televisions. It works with LG's Cinema 3D range, including the new flagship LW980T. For now, LG's models are limited to the Xbox 360 console. The glasses will come separately, reportedly costing 20 in the UK for both pairs.

A similar television will be released in the UK later this year to work with the PS3, though it uses the more expensive active-shutter glasses, while LG's models use the passive glasses.

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5 user comments

17.9.2011 4:53

Yes! All the eye strain and limitations of 3D, without that pesky 3D...and all on a single TV that only costs a little more than two much larger TVs. Sign me up...also, where do I go to buy Enron stock?

27.9.2011 12:08

LOL Enron... Nice one.

38.9.2011 13:03

This sounds like a brilliant feature! Do you think they will also make it work for TV channels, so my boyfriend and I could each watch our favourite shows and still cuddle on the same couch ;-)
I guess it will work great with 3D games as well LOL

49.9.2011 14:38

Passive LG sets do not cause eye strain.

510.9.2011 15:21

Wow! Pictue in picture! Of course. Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?

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But it must not be true for jerk-offs like you.
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