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Grand Theft Auto V announced, first trailer dated

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2011 8:26 User comments (11)

Grand Theft Auto V announced, first trailer dated Roskstar Games officially announced Grand Theft Auto V.
We wish we had a whole bunch of details to tell you about Grand Theft Auto V, but in Rockstar Games' typical fashion, the only thing that has been confirmed is that, yes, the game is coming and the date of the first trailer.

The trailer will drop on Wednesday next week, November 2. Before then, we will of course have to endure rumors and all kinds of detail leaks, but at least we have not long to wait.

Rockstar's announcement just came as a big Grand Theft Auto V (complete with the word FIVE on the logo.. just in case your Roman Numerals suck that bad) logo and a trailer release date at

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11 user comments

125.10.2011 11:08

I was a huge fan on Vice City and San Andreas, but GTA 4 sucked IMO. They never optimized the gaming engine and it just wasn't as fun of a game or story. I really hope they do a better job this time.

225.10.2011 11:35

I agree. GTAIV was a huge letdown after all the fun I had with San Andreas and Vice City. It was so boring that I couldn't even finish it. I really hope this one is better. I won't be buying on release day for $60 this time around. I'll wait some reviews first.

325.10.2011 11:48

the FIVE there signifies money (look at the shading and the green color). Played IV on pc less than hour cause it was such a slow piece of... slob.

425.10.2011 11:57

Here's what I want in 5, to spend my $. Let me buy property, gear, clothes whatever. A druggy who has $ and buys nothing is not a druggy, he's just even more of a dumb a$$

And that was why GTA IV sucked

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525.10.2011 12:39

I've enjoyed the unique qualities of each game in this series as well as all the familiar game play elements that made them great (ie. punching strangers and stealing). I look forward to playing this game.

625.10.2011 13:00

Same guys who did Red Dead and LA Noire, right?

GTA IV may have been mediocre but I'm sure they'll sustain or even surpass the standards of RDR and LA Noire.

725.10.2011 14:29


825.10.2011 23:13

Call me crazy, but I liked GTA4, and I look forward to GTA5. Maybe this time the multiplayer will be beefed up a little bit more...and maybe the purchasing system will include more than just clothes and guns you can find on the street.

It would also be nice if there was a branching story line; add a bit of an RPG element to it rather than just following the stupid path laid down for you.

927.10.2011 2:12

i want to see them introduce the drug side of the game like they did for the ds. buying drugs, exchanging and selling and making money.

1028.10.2011 10:05

Really wanted to enjoy 4, being I live on Long Island. Just couldn't finish it. Hopefully this one won't have any more of those lame chase missions.

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1129.10.2011 14:08

I play on the PC only. So I'll likely be waiting for some time indeed :( I didn't even have to think about buying IV. I love all of the GTA games. 'V' will be no different. But since the console version will likely be released first, reviews will be interesting.
I thought/think IV was/is entertaining :S

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