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Samsung Galaxy tab ban extended in Australia

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 02 Dec 2011 4:41 User comments (4)

Samsung Galaxy tab ban extended in Australia Samsung had hoped to release the tablet for sale today at 4pm.
High Court Justice John Dyson Heydon today extended a ban on the release of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, taking time to consider Apple Inc.'s request for permission to appeal the decision of a lower court that lifted the ban on the Samsung device late last week.

"A stay for one week will cost Samsung, in effect, one week's trade," Heydon said, following a 90-minute hearing in Sydney. He acknowledged that the stay would hurt Samsung but "not to extend the status quo is likely to be injurious to Apple."

Samsung had hoped to push plenty of the tablets into the Australian market this weekend in time for the busy holiday season. It had previously stated that if it cannot get its product into the Australian market for the Christmas period, then it would cancel its launch in the country altogether.

"This is a critical period of time," Katrina Howard, Samsung's lawyer, told Justice Heydon. "Even one day can make a difference."

Samsung said it believes that Apple has no basis for its application for leave to appeal.

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4 user comments

12.12.2011 9:22

Enjoy it while you can Apple. I can see things turning negative for Apple now that Jobs has gone.

Trin - Making Digital Waves

22.12.2011 10:58

It was jobs who wanted these law suits in the first place, maybe tim will realize that this wont affect ipad sales and call them off.

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."

32.12.2011 11:45

Heydon is a CrApple fanboy & simply a technophobe of Samsung. Or simply another butt plug of greed & has all his stock wrapped up in CrApple and has the holiday woes; thinking that his stock is going to plummet through the floor, leaving him with a margin call large enough to have to fill an oil tanker.

Come on Heydon! Everybody else has told Apple to pound sand. You're not setting a new precedence. If Samsung were smart they'd turn around & sue the expanded, living, throbbing shit out of you for the inconvenience of overturning this stupidity that has been overturned in... how many countries?

43.12.2011 7:06

applications is what makes a phone rise upon other phones especially if its open source .. so if apple want to survive and keep leading mobile phone sector they have to unblock the 4s and keep on letting others thrive out of its mobile phones throw jail break ,applications ,new ideas and so on. they should concentrate on powerful processors ,accurate touche screen ,higher mega pix ,extra software/hardware features and nano technology or more add an id pin for private messenger as BlackBerry. if they want i can lead the company loooool

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