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Sex Ed game wins Bafta award

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2011 12:29 User comments (2)

Sex Ed game wins Bafta award STD destruction game wins award.
"Privates" is a video game that features cartoon soldiers wearing condom-like hats fighting off enemies, such as sperm, with lasers. It was designed to teach teenagers about sexually transmitted diseases, and it picked itself up a Bafta award in the UK in the secondary school education category in late November.

"I was completely and utterly gobsmacked," said Dan Marshall, of developer Size Five Games in Norbiton, which was commissioned to develop the video game. "I had managed to convince myself there was no chance Privates would win so when it did I was simply dumbfounded."

They tried to get the game made available on Xbox Live, but unfortunately its content broke the rules that games have to adhere to. "The original design document broke a vast number of Xbox's rules," Marshall said.

"I sent a copy to the very nice people at Xbox, who loved it, but decided that the rules needed to hold steady."

You can download the game for PC for free from:

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2 user comments

112.12.2011 14:45

and people wonder why kids are having kids.

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213.12.2011 0:32

I've heard about a party going on in my pants, but a Jihad in my jeans? Yeah, I know... But I was damned if someone was going to beat me to the punchline!

It's geared for 14 & older, but are they going to really play it & are they really going to learn anything other than to giggle at stuff they still know nothing about? Like cervix, I'm sure a male kid is just going to race to his typical mom/dad & get the low down on that or any other body parts of the opposite sex & how it works. 'Most' teenagers avoid their folks around that age until about 25. THEN they come back hanging their head down mumbling something along the lines of "what you told me all those years ago was right".

I know, I know, not everybody & not every time. It certainly didn't happen to me and at least one of my buddies I know, but a heavy dose of most of the folks I've come in contact with... let's say the percentage is high.

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