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Sony shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 08 Mar 2012 13:47 User comments (3)

Sony shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers GDC panel gives indication of PlayStation Move popularity.
Sony's Field Developer Support Engineer, Gabe Ahn, revealed during a GDC panel that Sony shipped 10.5 million PlayStation Move controllers to retailers. The firm typically does not give figures on units actually sold to consumers.

The 10.5 million figure is also made up of shipments of both PlayStation Move controllers and Navigation Controllers combined, which does water it down somewhat considering the Navigation Controllers rely on the PlayStation Move controllers.

Ahn's claim that PlayStation Move's attach rate works out to be about one in every six PlayStation 3 consoles also doesn't quite add up, for the above reason.

He did comment that the company is happy with how Move is doing so far, and is continuing to explore what it is capable of.

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3 user comments

18.3.2012 13:53

...and sold 8.

28.3.2012 15:09

I think they look like adult toys lol

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38.3.2012 18:15

I would get another 2nd move controller and navigation but it cost so much... I got the first one with Little Big Planet 2 special edition Move bundle for 79.99 gamestop few weeks ago...

it comes with 1 eyetoy, 1 move controller , 1 LIP2 Special Edition , and 1 navigation controller.

The thing that bugs me that how can i disconnect the controllers if it will not allowed me to disconnect the move and navigation controllers?

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