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Android malware peddler arrested

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 23 Oct 2012 11:44 User comments (5)

Android malware peddler arrested French man arrested for mobile malware.
The 20 year old reportedly worked out of his parents basement, where he wrote rogue Android apps that came laced with malicious code. The malware sent premium SMS messages, which affected over 17,000 victims, and netted the alleged author about half a million euros since 2011.

The malware also stole usernames and passwords from gaming and gambling sites accessed by the owners.

He admitted his guilt shortly after his arrest, but stressed that his actions were not motivated by greed, but rather by a love for computer technology.

Rogue apps are becoming a big problem for Android. They mimic other popular apps, such as Instagram, Skype and Angry Birds, but they come loaded with extra nasties, often leaving the owner of the handset with a huge bill for premium SMS.

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5 user comments

123.10.2012 13:03

wow and android is safe my butt

223.10.2012 13:41
Unverified new user

Originally posted by megadunderhead:
wow and android is safe my butt
It's probably not safe, but it's just about the same as any PC or Mac, or jailbroken iPad. If you get your applications from suspicious sites on any of them you'll end up with a virus.

324.10.2012 11:43

Originally posted by megadunderhead:
wow and android is safe my butt
Not the safest, but undeniably the freest. Key is to not be stupid. If you want a nice safe house where nothing will hurt you, move to a padded cell.
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424.10.2012 13:12

Couldn't find the email from pc world or wherever it came from,mentioning security issues with android,not so much the OS just the apps mining data,the link below describes what i originally read

524.10.2012 19:27

didn't read

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