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GamePop Mini console free after 12 month subscription

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 30 Jun 2013 3:23 User comments (1)

GamePop Mini console free after 12 month subscription Earlier this week, BlueStacks announced its new GamePop Mini offer, which provides a free console with a 12 month subscription.
It is the mini version of the GamePop console, which sells for $129. It also will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. In order to get a GamePop Mini, you need a 12 month subscription to the GamePop service at $7 per month, which technically means the console will cost you $84.

"We have always planned on having a free console option," said BlueStacks CEO, Rosen Sharma.

"The biggest value of the GamePop service is its content not the box. Hardware costs have come down so fast that we're able to undercut the rest of the market. With the free promotion we've been doing in June we're already seeing a ton of adoption. That volume then attracts more developers and therefore more and better content. It's building momentum."

BlueStacks touts 500 mobile gaming partners. Recently it announced its "Looking Glass" technology that will allow iOS-only developers to easily launch on GamePop.

"We want to make things as easy as possible for app developers to come on board," said Ben Armstrong of the company's developer relations team.

"There is a virtuous circle between great content and volume that we're having a lot of early success jumpstarting that so far. The launch titles a service comes with are critical."

The GamePop Mini will be available to pre-order on July 1 from

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11.7.2013 11:48

Well first it would need access to the play store to even make it feasible. Then with iOS support an iTunes account would make it a killer. But as this is being touted as it's own subscription service I don't see either of these happening. So big deal if they have devs from both sides, if they don't have a distribution model that syncs with those it's just another OUYA.

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