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Ubisoft working on Watch Dogs loading screen hang

Written by James Delahunty @ 04 Jun 2014 11:42

Ubisoft working on Watch Dogs loading screen hang

Ubisoft is investigating yet another technical glitch with its Watch Dogs blockbuster, this time involving gamers reportedly stuck on the loading screen.
Watch Dogs hasn't had an uneventful release on the technical side of things at all. Some PC gamers were locked out of the game completely for a time with uPlay being blamed. It was also blamed for issues Xbox players reported on Xbox Live.

Now Ubisoft is looking into another issue plaguing its customers, which apparently is causing the game to get stuck on the loading screen.

It used its Watch Dogs twitter feed to send the following related tweets.

Some reports are already suggesting that the issue is related to Watch Dogs' Uplay rewards, as gamers report on a Ubisoft forum thread that the game locks up after they redeem uPlay content across multiple platforms.

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