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Teen pleads guilty to harassing, swatting gamers

Written by James Delahunty @ 25 May 2015 6:19 User comments (4)

Teen pleads guilty to harassing, swatting gamers An eight-hour long "swatting" live stream on YouTube leads police to a 17 year old, later charged with extortion, criminal harassment, making false police reports and more.
The Canadian cannot be named due to his age, but reports say he identified as part of the group Lizard Squad. He was accused of harassing targets he found on League of Legends and on Twitter, usually because they wouldn't accept his friend request.

Victims had their personal information, including financial records, posted online. The worst of all offences he admitted to was swatting, in which a false report would be made to police with the goal of getting a heavily armed response unit to show up the victim's location.

In one case, a University of Arizona student dropped out after multiple cases of swatting against her and her family.

The teen was eventually tracked down by police after tips were received about an 8 hour long YouTube live stream in which he had multiple people swatted.

He faces sentencing on June 29.

NOTE: Image accompanying the article is a screenshot of swatting occurring during a live stream. It is not linked to this particular case.

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4 user comments

125.5.2015 14:54

he'll probably get a life sentence and take Kiddy Kids cell who was sentenced to 10 years for child rape but is getting out do to good behavior.

225.5.2015 16:02

Where's that video?


326.5.2015 01:11

This punk bitch deserves a couple years in the big boy clink after finishing his 17th year in juvie for doing this. Otherwise, let a bunch of those that he screwed take a couple beatings to him. Pick one. State pussy places.

Time to learn early so he's not screwing people later on in life.

430.5.2015 18:19

This is what happens when you cross a nerd with emotional problems.

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