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Kaspersky sues over anti-virus ban in U.S.

Written by James Delahunty @ 19 Dec 2017 6:17 User comments (3)

Kaspersky sues over anti-virus ban in U.S.

Kaspersky Labs has filed a lawsuit in the United States over a recent ban imposed on the use of its software by government agencies.
The Russian firm is targeting the Trump administration in a lawsuit filed in a lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. It is seeking to overturn a ban on the use of its antivirus products at civilian and military agencies, signed into law by President Trump.

Kaspersky has been refuting claims that it is vulnerable to influence from the Kremlin, and claims the U.S. government deprived it of its rights to due process with the ban.

At one point, Kaspersky offered to hand over source code for its products to independant entities to ensure that there was nothing to worry about. U.S. officials welcomed the offer but said it was insufficient.

Eugene Kaspersky said the company is going to court in order to secure its rights.

The Russian firm claims that the government relied on uncorroborated news media reports as evidence.

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3 user comments

120.12.2017 16:40

This SHOULD get shot down immediately. Sorry but ANY f'ing Russian-based company, especially in Moscow, is totally subject to Putin's and Russian ways and scrutiny. They f'ed with our election and now banned from the Olympics. The great country with a shit government that is Russia is getting everything it deserves!

As for Kaspersky...........MOVE YOUR HQ and maybe others will buy it. I almost did for my company but then decided I'm not an idiot to put my faith in them. Russia is a highly unethical country that is state-sponsored in all its nefarious way.

Kaspersky needs to STFU and recognize they aren't welcome around the world least in this era we live.

You've done "nothing wrong"??? You're Russian, that's wrong enough in this age.

221.12.2017 12:23

Sorry, but evidence-free accusations are bullpuckey and you know it. Offering to release their source code isn't enough? Fine, tell us what is.

324.12.2017 12:04

Originally posted by Bozobub:
Sorry, but evidence-free accusations are bullpuckey and you know it. Offering to release their source code isn't enough? Fine, tell us what is.
For the US government, it's about being made in the US. They will happily double an already massive development budget to have everything re-done in inferior software just because that inferior software is made in the US. I've personally been involved in a massive re-creation of a product for the armed forces because it was originally designed in French software and they wanted to done in US software. If France isn't enough of an ally for the government to trust, then Russia certainly isn't.

We are talking about a government that has plans for war with basically every country on earth as well as alien invaders after all.

Also, even if they handed over the source code, that wouldn't really confirm that the binaries actually being used were built from only that code...nor would it prevent malicious updates.

And...IF it was ever discovered that someone from McAfee, Norton, etc was involved in even attempting to use the software to spy, then that person would be in a max security prison for life. If someone in Russia was found doing this, they would probably get a parade in their honor.

When you look at all the down sides, and also consider that there is better software made in the USA for essentially the same price...well, it's hard to justify anyone using Kaspersky, let alone the government.

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