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Microsoft introduces Windows 1.0, nobody knows why

Written by James Delahunty @ 02 Jul 2019 8:43 User comments (1)

Microsoft introduces Windows 1.0, nobody knows why Microsoft has teased us with an introduction of the Windows 1.0 operating system, with MS-Dos Executive, a Clock and more.
A 13 second teaser of the 'forthcoming' release of Windows 1.0 - an operating system first released to the public in November 1985 - was posted on the official Windows twitter page, raising a few eyebrows. Microsoft also posted the same 13 second video to its Instagram account.

The video displays logos for older versions of Windows and stops at Windows 1.0. A noteable element is the 80s feel to the video.

While we don't know for sure what the teaser is about, there are suggestions that it has something to do with the release of Stranger Things 3 on Netflix this Thursday, which is set in 1985.

Another hint that it has to do with Netflix' megapopular Sci-Fi / Drama is a later Micosoft tweet promising that "It's going to be totally tubular!". In the second season of Stranger Things, released in 2017, several of the young characters repeatedly use the words "totally tubular" from Ghostbusters.

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17.7.2019 10:38

..? "Totally tubular" IS NOT from Ghostbustuers, for heaven's sake. Rather, it's "Valley speak" that Ghostbusters happened to use (along with *many* other shows, at that time).

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