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iTunes v10.1.2

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
iTunes is a media player and organizer software for Windows platform from Apple that allows tight integration with the iPod players.

In iTunes, organizing playlists and media libraries is made extremely easy and the software also allows extremely easy CD ripping options, exporting selected media files to iPod and CDR burning features, all built-in. Furthermore, iPod owners can access Apple's iTunes Music Store via the software, making purchasing media and adding it immediately to your media library, a one-click process.


iTunes v11.1.5 iTunes v11 iTunes v9.0 iTunes v9.0

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License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 22 May 2020
Downloads 936,450
File size 78.29 MB (< 11min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

22 May 2020iTunes v12.10.7(Latest stable version)
24 Apr 2020iTunes v12.10.6
30 Jan 2020iTunes v12.10.4
12 Dec 2019iTunes v12.10.3
31 Oct 2019iTunes v12.10.2
09 Oct 2019iTunes v12.10.1
13 Sep 2019iTunes v12.10
24 Jul 2019iTunes v12.9.6
29 May 2019iTunes v12.9.5
26 Mar 2019iTunes v12.9.4
26 Jan 2019iTunes v12.9.3.3
07 Dec 2018iTunes v12.9.2
10 Jul 2018iTunes v12.8
30 May 2018iTunes v12.7.5
31 Mar 2018iTunes v12.7.4
26 Jan 2018iTunes v12.7.3
01 Nov 2017iTunes v12.7.1
13 Sep 2017iTunes v12.7
20 Jul 2017iTunes v12.6.2
17 May 2017iTunes v12.6.1
22 Mar 2017iTunes v12.6
24 Jan 2017iTunes v12.5.5
17 Dec 2016iTunes v12.5.4
23 Oct 2016iTunes v12.5.1
02 Aug 2016iTunes v12.4.3
20 Jul 2016iTunes v12.4.2
22 Mar 2016iTunes v12.3.3
22 Oct 2015iTunes v12.3.1
16 Sep 2015iTunes v12.3
20 Apr 2015iTunes v12.1.2
19 Feb 2015iTunes v12.1.1
18 Oct 2014iTunes v12.0.1
15 Sep 2014iTunes v11.4
07 Aug 2014iTunes v11.3.1
12 Jul 2014iTunes v11.3
28 May 2014iTunes v11.2.2
15 May 2014iTunes v11.2
27 Feb 2014iTunes v11.1.5
23 Jan 2014iTunes v11.1.4
06 Nov 2013iTunes v11.1.3
01 Nov 2013iTunes v11.1.2.32
23 Oct 2013iTunes v11.1.2
04 Oct 2013iTunes v11.1.1
18 Sep 2013iTunes v11.1.0
18 Aug 2013iTunes v11.0.5
05 Jun 2013iTunes v11.0.4
17 May 2013iTunes v11.0.3
20 Feb 2013iTunes v11.0.2
14 Dec 2012iTunes v11.01
29 Nov 2012iTunes v11
13 Sep 2012iTunes v10.7
12 Jun 2012iTunes v10.6.3
29 Mar 2012iTunes v10.6.1
07 Mar 2012iTunes v10.6
22 Jan 2012iTunes v10.5.3.3
13 Dec 2011iTunes v10.5.2
16 Nov 2011iTunes v10.5.1.42
12 Oct 2011iTunes v10.5.0.142
02 Sep 2011iTunes v10.4.1.10
22 Jul 2011iTunes v10.4.0.80
09 Jun 2011iTunes v10.3.1
07 Jun 2011iTunes v10.3
20 Apr 2011iTunes v10.2.2
10 Mar 2011iTunes v10.2.1
03 Mar 2011iTunes v10.2
29 Jan 2011iTunes v10.1.2
16 Dec 2010iTunes v10.1.1
13 Nov 2010iTunes v10.1
26 Sep 2010iTunes v10.0.1
03 Sep 2010iTunes v10.0
01 Aug 2010iTunes v9.2.1
17 Jun 2010iTunes v9.2
28 Apr 2010iTunes v9.1.1
01 Apr 2010iTunes v9.1
02 Feb 2010iTunes v9.0.3
31 Oct 2009iTunes v9.0.2
10 Sep 2009iTunes v9.0
16 Jul 2009iTunes v8.2.1
02 Jun 2009iTunes v8.2
07 Apr 2009iTunes v8.1.1
17 Mar 2009iTunes v8.1
06 Oct 2008iTunes v8.0.1.11
09 Sep 2008iTunes v8.0
01 Aug 2008iTunes v7.7.1.11
10 Jul 2008iTunes v7.7
03 Apr 2008iTunes v7.6.2
02 Mar 2008iTunes v7.6.1.9
17 Jan 2008iTunes v7.6
06 Nov 2007iTunes v7.5
29 Sep 2007iTunes v7.4.3
19 Sep 2007iTunes v7.4.2
10 Sep 2007iTunes v7.4.1
07 Sep 2007iTunes v7.4
02 Aug 2007iTunes v7.3.2
12 Jul 2007iTunes v7.3.1
01 Jul 2007iTunes v7.3
01 Jun 2007iTunes v7.2
02 May 2007iTunes v7.1.1.5
07 Mar 2007iTunes v7.1
05 Nov 2006iTunes v7.0.2
27 Sep 2006iTunes v7.0.1
11 Jun 2007iTunes v6.0.5
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Unverified new user
iTunes v11.01

This may have put the nail in the coffin with IMHO the worse piece of sh.t software developed ever...ok they added cloud services but totally messed up everything else, and no album view...its gone. Just tried to DL 10 new podcasts and have been working on it for over an hour...locks up, and have to ctrl+alt+delete to restart itunes. Scroll bar not visable and when u try to update podcast settings the window opens but locks up so you cant close it and cant close itunes. Never update...never, never, never. could I give negative stars, I would!!

19 Jan 2013
Unverified new user
iTunes v11.01

Mystifying and difficult to manage. Particulary hard to manage my various devices on. Poor.

06 Jan 2013
iTunes v11.01

iTunes v11.01

v11 is really a horrible mess.
The new interface is so far from intuitive that its a joke. Apple really have fallen down on this release.

The Search function tries to search as you type in each letter rather than waiting for you to type the name/album/artist and then pressing return. This takes ages as I have a huge library.

Also, we have lost the ability to set an album/playlist as "gapless". This means that all of my operas will now have a gap inserted between each track instead of flowing freely. This also applies to some rock/pop albums where the artist decided that they wanted the tracks to flow together seamlessly. Well, thanks to Apple - now you cant enjoy the album the way that the arist wanted you to.

Im going to roll-back to v10, v11 is a definite step down from earlier verions.

Unverified new user
iTunes v11.01


30 Dec 2012
iTunes v11.01

Way too bloated & has lost the simplicity of use, the earlier version was nice & easy to use. V11 was a nasty surprise after doing the update recently, most definately rolling back a version or dumping ITunes player altogether if it wont allow me to choose which version. If I had wanted a jigsaw puzzle I would have chosen a different one to do.