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iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.2

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8
iTunes is a media player and organizer software for Windows platform from Apple that allows tight integration with the iPod players.

In iTunes, organizing playlists and media libraries is made extremely easy and the software also allows extremely easy CD ripping options, exporting selected media files to iPod and CDR burning features, all built-in. Furthermore, iPod owners can access Apple's iTunes Music Store via the software, making purchasing media and adding it immediately to your media library, a one-click process.


iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.5 iTunes (64-bit) v11 iTunes (64-bit) v9.0 iTunes (64-bit) v9.0

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itunes apple ipod download player media music store itms organizer playlist video

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 22 May 2020
Downloads 495,409
File size 264.58 MB (< 36min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish,  Swedish,  Norwegian,  Spanish,  Dutch,  Danish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win81

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

22 May 2020iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.7(Latest stable version)
24 Apr 2020iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.6
30 Jan 2020iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.4
12 Dec 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.3
31 Oct 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.2
09 Oct 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.10.1
13 Sep 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.10
24 Jul 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.9.6
29 May 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.9.5
26 Mar 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.9.4
26 Jan 2019iTunes (64-bit) v12.9.3.3
07 Dec 2018iTunes (64-bit) v12.9.2
10 Jul 2018iTunes (64-bit) v12.8
30 May 2018iTunes (64-bit) v12.7.5
31 Mar 2018iTunes (64-bit) v12.7.4
26 Jan 2018iTunes (64-bit) v12.7.3
01 Nov 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.7.1
13 Sep 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.7
20 Jul 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.6.2
17 May 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.6.1
22 Mar 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.6
24 Jan 2017iTunes (64-bit) v12.5.5
17 Dec 2016iTunes (64-bit) v12.5.4
23 Oct 2016iTunes (64-bit) v12.5.1
02 Aug 2016iTunes (64-bit) v12.4.3
20 Jul 2016iTunes (64-bit) v12.4.2
22 Mar 2016iTunes (64-bit) v12.3.3
22 Oct 2015iTunes (64-bit) v12.3.1
16 Sep 2015iTunes (64-bit) v12.3
20 Apr 2015iTunes (64-bit) v12.1.2
19 Feb 2015iTunes (64-bit) v12.1.1
18 Oct 2014iTunes (64-bit) v12.0.1
15 Sep 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.4
07 Aug 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.3.1
12 Jul 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.3
28 May 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.2.2
15 May 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.2
27 Feb 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.5
23 Jan 2014iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.4
06 Nov 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.3
01 Nov 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.2.32
23 Oct 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.2
04 Oct 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.1
18 Sep 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.1.0
18 Aug 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.0.5
05 Jun 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.0.4
17 May 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.0.3
20 Feb 2013iTunes (64-bit) v11.0.2
14 Dec 2012iTunes (64-bit) v11.01
29 Nov 2012iTunes (64-bit) v11
13 Sep 2012iTunes (64-bit) v10.7
12 Jun 2012iTunes (64-bit) v10.6.3
29 Mar 2012iTunes (64-bit) v10.6.1
07 Mar 2012iTunes (64-bit) v10.6
22 Jan 2012iTunes (64-bit) v10.5.3.3
13 Dec 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.5.2
16 Nov 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.5.1.42
12 Oct 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.5.0.142
02 Sep 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.4.1.10
22 Jul 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.4.0.80
09 Jun 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.3.1
07 Jun 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.3
20 Apr 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.2.2
10 Mar 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.2.1
03 Mar 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.2
29 Jan 2011iTunes (64-bit) v10.1.2
16 Dec 2010iTunes (64-bit) v10.1.1
13 Nov 2010iTunes (64-bit) v10.1
26 Sep 2010iTunes (64-bit) v10.0.1
03 Sep 2010iTunes (64-bit) v10.0
01 Aug 2010iTunes (64-bit) v9.2.1
17 Jun 2010iTunes (64-bit) v9.2
28 Apr 2010iTunes (64-bit) v9.1.1
01 Apr 2010iTunes (64-bit) v9.1
02 Feb 2010iTunes (64-bit) v9.0.3
31 Oct 2009iTunes (64-bit) v9.0.2
10 Sep 2009iTunes (64-bit) v9.0
07 Apr 2009iTunes (64-bit) v8.1.1
22 Nov 2008iTunes (64-bit) v8.0.2.20
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iTunes (64-bit) v11.0.2

iTunes deletes library, podcasts, purchases, apps, ringtones..pretty much everything from iTunes so I cant sync my iPone without loosing everything on it. The files are still on my computer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS VERSION OR INSTALL IT.

iTunes (64-bit) v9.2

iTunes 9.214 killed my iPod!!!

iTunes (64-bit) v9.2

iTunes 9.2 freezes when trying to sync iPod. Either wait for Apple to fix this or remove 9.2 and reinstall the previous version of iTunes and never update again, unless you HAVE TO.

iTunes (64-bit) v9.1

with windows 7 64bit home version and itunes 9.x 64bit and office 2007: itunes is not able to sync with outlook saying win7 has not got sync enabled and outlook doesnt show up as an available option in itunes. the iphone 3gs 32gig only shows up occasionally and cannot always sync music let alone anything else. there is no information for this on either the apple or microsoft site to fix this.
the only way ive got it working was to make a vmware virtual machine of windows xp and sync that way without problem. the 64bit itunes / win7 64bit appears buggy and in my opinion not to be trusted. the two companies need to get together to sort this one out as its the consumers that are suffering from this one.