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Earth Alerts v2013.1.96

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Earth Alerts allows you to monitor natural hazard events from around the globe, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, thunderstorms, floods, wildfires and landslides. You can filter the events that you want to be alerted of and also narrow the scope by selecting specific U.S or international locations.

Alert options include email, SMS and desktop notifications with options to configure alerts based on the type of event. In addition to monitoring weather hazards, Earth Alerts can also show you the local weather conditions and forecast along with radar maps and satellite images.

System Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft Windows 8 (runs in "Desktop mode" only)


Earth Alerts v2012.1.78 Earth Alerts v2012.1.78

earth alert earthquakes tsunamis volcanoes hurricanes typhoons

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 02 Nov 2017
Downloads 7,878
File size 2.82 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

02 Nov 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.42(Latest stable version)
14 Sep 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.32
08 May 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.26
17 Feb 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.22
20 Jan 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.20
08 Jan 2017Earth Alerts v2017.1.10
25 Dec 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.30
20 Oct 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.28
06 Oct 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.26
28 Jul 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.24
09 Jul 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.22
21 Jun 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.20
08 Apr 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.16
29 Mar 2016Earth Alerts v2016.1.12
20 Dec 2015Earth Alerts v2015.2.22
13 Dec 2015Earth Alerts v2015.2.20
29 Nov 2015Earth Alerts v2015.2.18
10 Nov 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.76
01 Nov 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.70
30 Sep 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.62
30 Aug 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.60
19 Aug 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.56
30 Jul 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.54
21 Jun 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.52
02 Jun 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.50
23 May 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.48
12 May 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.46
08 May 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.44
02 May 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.32
05 Apr 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.28
04 Apr 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.22
21 Feb 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.20
15 Feb 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.18
02 Feb 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.14
24 Jan 2015Earth Alerts v2015.1.12
22 Dec 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.202
12 Dec 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.200
24 Nov 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.198
23 Nov 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.196
18 Nov 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.194
07 Nov 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.192
04 Nov 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.190
25 Oct 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.188
19 Oct 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.186
09 Oct 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.184
16 Aug 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.182
10 Aug 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.180
07 Aug 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.178
03 Aug 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.176
25 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.174
18 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.172
16 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.170
12 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.168
08 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.162
05 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.160
04 Jul 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.154
23 Jun 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.152
14 Jun 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.140
14 Jun 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.138
12 Jun 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.136
08 Jun 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.132
27 May 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.128
18 May 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.122
16 May 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.116
14 May 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.112
04 May 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.100
29 Apr 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.82
29 Apr 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.80
24 Apr 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.70
17 Apr 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.40
03 Apr 2014Earth Alerts 2014.1.32
17 Mar 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.30
09 Feb 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.24
16 Jan 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.22
12 Jan 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.18
10 Jan 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.14
02 Jan 2014Earth Alerts v2014.1.12
14 Dec 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.52
18 Nov 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.50
15 Nov 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.48
11 Nov 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.40
09 Nov 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.34
08 Sep 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.32
06 Sep 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.30
08 Aug 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.28
29 Jul 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.26
23 Jul 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.24
22 Jul 2013Earth Alerts v2013.2.22
02 Jul 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.146
01 Jul 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.144
24 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.142
19 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.140
19 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.138
12 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.124
09 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.122
06 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.120
05 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.118
04 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.116
04 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.114
03 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.110
02 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.108
02 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.106
01 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.104
01 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.100
01 Jun 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.96
27 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.94
23 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.84
22 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.82
22 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.80
21 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.72
20 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.70
19 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.68
19 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.66
16 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.64
15 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.62
14 May 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.58
13 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.54
10 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.52
07 May 2013Earth Alerts 2013.1.46
20 Apr 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.44
18 Apr 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.42
25 Feb 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.40
20 Feb 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.36
18 Feb 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.32
10 Feb 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.22
06 Feb 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.16
18 Jan 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.14
06 Jan 2013Earth Alerts v2013.1.12
27 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.180
27 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.176
23 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.174
17 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.166
16 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.162
15 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.160
11 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.158
08 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.152
05 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.144
03 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.142
02 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.140
01 Dec 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.132
24 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.130
23 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.126
22 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.124
22 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.120
20 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.110
17 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.102
17 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.100
09 Nov 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.84
28 Oct 2012Earth Alerts v2012.1.78
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Earth Alerts v2015.1.50

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