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Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.1.0.6

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP
Process Lasso is a unique new technology that will, amongst other things, improve your PC''s responsiveness and stability.

Windows, by design, allows programs to monopolize your CPU without restraint -- leading to freezes and hangs. Process Lasso''s ProBalance technology intelligently adjusts the priority of running programs so that badly behaved programs won''t interfere with your ability to use the computer!

In addition, Process Lasso offers capabilities such as default process priorities and affinities, termination of disallowed processes, instance count limits, a system responsiveness graph, logging of processes, and much more!

Once you install Process Lasso, it''ll just start working. More advanced users can tweak the configuration, but you needn''t touch anything to have it instantly improve your system responsiveness and prevent stalls in high load situations.


Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.26 Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.26 Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.26 Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.26

process lasso pc stability priority process 32

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 08 Mar 2019
Downloads 27840
File size 1.95 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English,  Finnish
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

08 Mar 2019Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.1.0.6(Latest stable version)
29 Oct 2018Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.502
19 Aug 2018Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.478
09 Sep 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.402
03 Sep 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.398
17 Jul 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.370
19 May 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.346
12 May 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.340
15 Apr 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.290
12 Apr 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9.0.0.284
27 Feb 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v9 beta
11 Mar 2017Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.100
13 Dec 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.94
29 Nov 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.90
18 Sep 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.48
20 Aug 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.42
06 Aug 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.38
20 Jun 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.8.12
25 Mar 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.7.6
20 Feb 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.6.6
29 Jan 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.4.4
23 Jan 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.3.4
02 Jan 2016Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.1.6
14 Dec 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.1.4
06 Dec 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.9.0.2
11 Nov 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.8.8.8
16 Sep 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.8.6.1
10 Sep 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.8.6.0
06 Sep 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.8.4.1
21 Aug 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.8.0.0
01 Aug 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.6.4.2
27 Jun 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.2.0.4
20 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.9.1 Beta
19 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.7.9 Beta
17 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.7.7 Beta
16 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.7.5 Beta
14 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.7.3 Beta
13 May 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.7.1 Beta
28 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.6.4
28 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.6.0 RC 1
27 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.5.3 Beta
23 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.4.3 Beta
22 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.3.9 Beta
21 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.3.5 Beta
20 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.3.3 Beta
17 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.3.1 Beta
12 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.2.7 Beta
12 Apr 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.2
27 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0.1.0
23 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v8.0
22 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.9.77 Beta
21 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.9.7 Beta
20 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.9.1 Beta
19 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.8.9 Beta
18 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.8.3 Beta
16 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.7.3 Beta
15 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.7.1 Beta
13 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.5.9 Beta
12 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.5.7 Beta
10 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.5.3 Beta
08 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.3.9 Beta
07 Mar 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.3.5 Beta
01 Feb 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.3.1 Beta
26 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.1.3 Beta
25 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.1.1 Beta
22 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.0.9 Beta
21 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.0.7 Beta
18 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.9.0.5 Beta
01 Feb 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.8.2
24 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.8.0.6
13 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.8.0.1
13 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.8
12 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.7.1.9 Beta
11 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.7.0.9 Beta
10 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.7.0.7 Beta
08 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.7.0.5 Beta
06 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.7.0.3 Beta
02 Jan 2015Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.6.4
30 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.6.3 Beta
26 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.6
18 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.4
17 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.3.2.3 Beta
15 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2.2.1 Beta
13 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2.1.9 Beta
05 Dec 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2.1.7 Beta
19 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2.1.5 Beta
17 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2.1.3 Beta
15 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.2
13 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.3.3 Beta
11 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.2.0
10 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.0.5 Beta
06 Nov 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.0.3 Beta
28 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.0.1 Beta
26 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.1.0.0
25 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.7.1 Beta
23 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.5.9 Beta
22 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.5.5 Beta
21 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.5.3 Beta
20 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.5.1 Beta
18 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.4.0
16 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.3.3 Beta
12 Oct 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.2.4
23 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v7.0.0.0
22 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.8.11 Beta
19 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.8.5 Beta
18 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.8.3 Beta
15 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.8.1 Beta
06 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.8.0
03 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.5.9 Beta
01 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.5.7 Beta
01 Sep 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.5.5 Beta
31 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.5.1 Beta
23 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.3.0
22 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.2.11 Beta
21 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.2.9 Beta
21 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.2.7 Beta
20 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.2.4
19 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.9 Beta
19 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.7 Beta
18 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.5 Beta
16 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.3 Beta
14 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.1 Beta
09 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.1.0
07 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.0.7 Beta
05 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.0.5 Beta
04 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.9.0.0
03 Aug 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.15 Beta
28 Jul 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.8
01 Jul 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.6
09 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.4
08 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.3 Beta
08 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.8.0.1 Beta
05 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.64
02 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.63 Beta
01 Jun 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.61 Beta
26 May 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.59 Beta
28 Apr 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.55 Beta
27 Apr 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.53 Beta
23 Mar 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.52
14 Mar 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.49 Beta
04 Feb 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.43 Beta
23 Jan 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.42
21 Jan 2014Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.41 Beta
22 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.34
16 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.29 Beta
12 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.28
12 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.27 Beta
11 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.21 Beta
08 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.17 Beta
05 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.15 Beta
02 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.14
01 Dec 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.11 Beta
24 Nov 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.7 Beta
17 Nov 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.6
16 Nov 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.3 Beta
25 Sep 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.7.0.0
21 Sep 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.1.6
20 Sep 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.1.5 Beta
11 Sep 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.1.1 Beta
01 Sep 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.1.0
31 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.95 Beta
28 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.92
26 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.90
19 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.83 Beta
18 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.79 Beta
11 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.78
10 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.77 Beta
05 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.75 Beta
04 Aug 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.73 Beta
24 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.72
20 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.67 Beta
19 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.65 Beta
15 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.63 Beta
11 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.60
10 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.59 Beta
08 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.57 Beta
06 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.56
05 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.53 Beta
04 Jul 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.49 Beta
30 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.48
30 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.45 Beta
29 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.41 Beta
28 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.37 Beta
25 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.35 Beta
24 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.33 Beta
22 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.30
22 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.25 Beta
19 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.23 Beta
16 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.18
13 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.12
12 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.7 Beta
11 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.6.0.1 Beta
07 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.25 Beta
01 Jun 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.20
30 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.13 Beta
26 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.11 Beta
21 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.9 Beta
20 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.7 Beta
19 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.5 Beta
18 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.3 beta
14 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.5.0.0
13 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.4.0.9 beta
12 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.4.0.7 beta
11 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.4.0.5 Beta
09 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.4.0.3 beta
08 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.4.1 Beta
03 May 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.25 beta
23 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.23 Beta
21 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.19 Beta
20 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.15 beta
19 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.13 beta
14 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.5 beta
10 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.4
09 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.3 beta
08 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.3.1 beta
06 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.96
02 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.93 Beta
01 Apr 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.87 Beta
31 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.83 Beta
28 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.82
27 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.81 Beta
26 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.79 beta
25 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.77 beta
23 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.76
22 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.74
20 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.69 Beta
19 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.67 Beta
18 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.66
17 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.63 Beta
14 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.62
11 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.61 Beta
10 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.58
07 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.56
05 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.53 Beta
04 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.51 Beta
03 Mar 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.49 Beta
27 Feb 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.48
22 Feb 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.47 Beta
20 Feb 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.45 Beta
17 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.44
15 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.43 Beta
15 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.41 Beta
10 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.38
09 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.37 Beta
07 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.34
05 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.33 Beta
03 Jan 2013Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.32
22 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.30
21 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.28c
20 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.28
19 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.11 Beta
18 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.9 Beta
18 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.8
17 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.6
10 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.2.2
09 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.97 Beta
04 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.96
03 Dec 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.95 Beta
23 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.92
18 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.91 Beta
16 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.88
15 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.86
14 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.85 Beta
12 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.81 Beta
11 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.77 Beta
07 Nov 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.76
25 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.74
23 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.74 RC
22 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.73 Beta
15 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.68
11 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.63 Beta
10 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.62
09 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.59 Beta
08 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.57 Beta
07 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.52
06 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.51 Beta
05 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.50
04 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.43 Beta
01 Oct 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.42
30 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.41 Beta
25 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.36
24 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.29 Beta
21 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.19 Beta
20 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.17 Beta
19 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.15 Beta
18 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.14
09 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.12
07 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.11 Beta
06 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.9 Beta
05 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.7 Beta
04 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.1.6
02 Sep 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.99 Beta
31 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.98
29 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.96
28 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.95 beta
27 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.94
25 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.89 Beta
24 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.88
19 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.86
19 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.85 Beta
12 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.79 Beta
03 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.69 Beta
10 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.78
06 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.76
01 Aug 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.64
30 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.63 Beta
28 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.62
25 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.59
23 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.58
22 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.56 RC 2
21 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.54 Beta
20 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.53 Beta
19 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.51 Beta
19 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.49 Beta
17 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.46 Beta
16 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.45 Beta
13 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.41 Beta
12 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.40 Beta
10 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.39 Beta
09 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v6.0.0.37 Beta
12 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.1.2
02 Jul 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.1.1
29 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.1.0
19 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.96
18 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.94
14 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.90
13 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.88
08 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.86
05 Jun 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.84
15 May 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.82
12 May 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.80
22 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.78
20 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.76
17 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.74
15 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.72
12 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.70
11 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.69 Beta
09 Apr 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.68
28 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.66
26 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.61 Beta
22 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.60
17 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.59 Beta
15 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.58
15 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.57 Beta
13 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.56
12 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.55 Beta
09 Mar 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.54
26 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.52
23 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.50
17 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.49
09 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.48
05 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.46
05 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.45-3 Beta
03 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.45-2 Beta
01 Feb 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.45-1 Beta
26 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.44
25 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.43-1 Beta
23 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.42
22 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.40
17 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.38
13 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.36
11 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.35-1 Beta
04 Jan 2012Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.34
29 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.33 Beta
27 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.31 Beta
22 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.30
19 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.29
16 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.27a
15 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.27
03 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.26
01 Dec 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.25
25 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.23
24 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.22
21 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.21
19 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.19
18 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.15 Beta
14 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.14a Beta
13 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.14 Beta
08 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.13 Beta
07 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.12 Beta
04 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.11 Beta
01 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.10 Beta
29 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.9 Beta
22 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.8 Beta
18 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.7 Beta
15 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.6 Beta
08 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.5 Beta
06 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.4 Beta
03 Oct 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.02 Beta
18 Nov 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.52
28 Sep 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.49
20 Sep 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.48
09 Sep 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.47
07 Sep 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.46
05 Sep 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.45
31 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.44
28 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.42
22 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.41
19 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.40
18 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.39
07 Aug 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.38
23 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.37
15 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.36
08 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.35
08 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.34
06 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.32
05 Jul 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.31
30 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.30
16 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.29
13 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.28
10 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.27
08 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.26
06 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.25
03 Jun 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.23
31 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.22
31 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.21
29 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.19
28 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.17
27 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.12
26 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.9 Beta
25 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.7 Beta
24 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.6 Beta
23 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.4 Beta
22 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.0.0.2 Beta
02 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.57 Beta
01 May 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.56 Beta
30 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.55 Beta
29 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.54 Beta
28 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.51 Beta
26 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.49 Beta
25 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.48 Beta
23 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.46 Beta
21 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.42 Beta
20 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.41 Beta
18 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.39 Beta
15 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.38 Beta
14 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.36 Beta
10 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.35 Beta
09 Apr 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.34 Beta
29 Mar 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.33 Beta
23 Mar 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.32 Beta
15 Mar 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.31 Beta
13 Mar 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.30 Beta
22 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.28 Beta
20 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.27 Beta
16 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.25 Beta
14 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.24 Beta
09 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.22 Beta
04 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.19 Beta
02 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.18 Beta
01 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.17 Beta
01 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.16 Beta
29 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.15 Beta
29 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.13 Beta
27 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.12 Beta
20 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.11 Beta
27 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.12 Beta
08 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.10 Beta
05 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.09 Beta
29 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.08 Beta
28 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.07 Beta
27 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.05 Beta
26 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.09.04 Beta
16 Mar 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.34
05 Feb 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.33
27 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.31
29 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.32
15 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.30
08 Jan 2011Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.29
17 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.28
14 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.27
13 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.26
12 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.25
04 Dec 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.24
28 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.23
27 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.22
25 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.21
22 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.20
20 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.18
18 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.17
16 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.16
15 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.14
14 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.13 RC 3
12 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.11 RC 2
10 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.10 RC 1
06 Nov 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.09 RC 1
29 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.08 RC 1
27 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.07 RC 1
25 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.06 RC1
24 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.05 RC1
23 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00.01 RC 1
22 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v4.00 RC 1
22 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.41 Beta
20 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.39 Beta
17 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.38 Beta
13 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.37 Beta
12 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.36 Beta
08 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.35 Beta
06 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.34 Beta
30 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.33 Beta
28 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.32 Beta
26 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.31 Beta
25 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.30 Beta
24 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.29 Beta
23 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.28 Beta
22 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.27 Beta
21 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.26 Beta
20 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.25 Beta
16 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.24 Beta
15 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.23 Beta
13 Sep 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.20 Beta
30 Aug 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.17 Beta
26 Aug 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.15 Beta
22 Aug 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.99.14 beta
06 Jun 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.89.1 Beta
03 Jun 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.89.0 Beta
01 Jun 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.85.2 Beta
27 May 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.85.1 Beta
25 May 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.85.0 Beta
10 Oct 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.8
04 Aug 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.7
14 Jun 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.6
01 Jun 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.5
26 May 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.4
21 May 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.3
05 May 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.2
27 Apr 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.1
24 Apr 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.84.0
22 Apr 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.83.1 Beta
14 Apr 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.82.5
02 Apr 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.82.4
21 Mar 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.82.3
16 Mar 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.82.2
02 Mar 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.82
26 Feb 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.81.1 Beta
19 Feb 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80.5
04 Feb 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80.4
01 Feb 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80.3
26 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80.2
21 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80.1
14 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.80
13 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.19 Beta
12 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.18 Beta
08 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.18 Beta
07 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.17 Beta
06 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.15 Beta
04 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.14 Beta
03 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.13 Beta
28 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.12 Beta
27 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.11 Beta
24 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.10 Beta
16 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.9 Beta
13 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.7 Beta
05 Jan 2010Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.8
30 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.7
09 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.6
05 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.6 Beta
03 Dec 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.79.5 Beta
25 Nov 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.5
19 Nov 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.4
09 Nov 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.3
30 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.2
25 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70.1
22 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.70
18 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.69.9 Beta
15 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.8 Beta
13 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.7 Beta
09 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.6 Beta
08 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.5 Beta
07 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.3 Beta
01 Oct 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.2 Beta
28 Sep 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.1 Beta
24 Sep 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.65.0 Beta
19 Sep 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.64.3
13 Sep 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.64.2
20 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.64.1
19 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.64
15 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.63.2 Beta
12 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.63.1 Beta
31 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.63.0 Beta
15 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62.5
03 Aug 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62.4
29 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62.3
27 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62.2
21 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62.1
14 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.62
11 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.6 Beta
09 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.5 Beta
08 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.4 Beta
03 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.3 Beta
03 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.2 Beta
01 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.1 Beta
30 Jun 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.61.0 Beta
09 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.8
01 Jul 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.7
27 Jun 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.6
12 Jun 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.5
09 Jun 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.4
05 Jun 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60.3
29 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.60
25 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.15 RC2
22 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.14 RC1
22 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.13 Beta
21 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.12 Beta
20 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.11 Beta
18 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.10 Beta
14 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.9a Beta
11 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.8 Beta
09 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.7 Beta
06 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.6 Beta
02 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.5 Beta
29 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.4 Beta
26 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.2 Beta
25 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.59.1 Beta
22 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.55.5 Beta
22 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.11
02 May 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.10
26 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.9
22 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.8
12 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.7
11 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.6
10 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.5
07 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.4
05 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.3
03 Apr 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54.2
29 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.54
28 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.9 Beta
23 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.8 Beta
22 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.7 Beta
20 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.6 Beta
17 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.5 Beta
16 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.4 Beta
12 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.53.3 Beta
11 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.52.1
09 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.52.0
08 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.51.3 Beta
06 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.51 Beta
06 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.50
05 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.49.0 Beta
04 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.48.5
03 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.48.4
02 Mar 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.48.3
27 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.48.1
26 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.48
18 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.47.3 Beta
14 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.47.2 Beta
11 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.47.1 Beta
09 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.47.0 Beta
06 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.46.2
05 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.46.1
04 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.46
04 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.45.4 Beta
03 Feb 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.45.2 Beta
25 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.44.1
24 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.43.1 Beta
20 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.43 Beta
20 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.42
13 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.40.1
11 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.40
08 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.38
07 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.37.1 Beta
06 Jan 2009Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.37 Beta
30 Dec 2008Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.36.1
29 Dec 2008Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.36
27 Dec 2008Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.34
26 Nov 2008Process Lasso (32-bit) v3.26
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Process Lasso (32-bit) v5.1.0.46

First learned about and downloaded this process controller on Giveaway of the Day. I use the portable version b/c it is often updated and I dont want the software to appear in my ancient WinXP Home OS registry.

My PC is ancient as well, but I know enough about protecting its Windows OSes to have installed quite a few free software safeguards, that also unfortunately eat up a lot of processor cycles and physical/virtual memory.

So this software...err...trialware? shareware? does a very good job of managing active processes, so that I have far fewer instances of program/browser freeze-ups and crashes.

I dont want to buy legacy hardware in the form of registered memory sticks for my ancient Sony-branded BIOS/motherboard with a puny Intel 1.6 GB P4, and cannot yet afford a new or newer PC, so this will have to do for now.