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Text editors

Text editors can be split into two main categories by their features and this category has plenty of tools for each:

Very basic, Notepad replacement tools that simply aim to improve/fix the most obvious flaws found in Windows' own, integrated text editor, known as Notepad. These tools don't offer bells and whistles, but focus on being light, efficient and easy-to-use.

Full-blown programmer-grade text editors that are aimed for developers and people who need highly customizable and versatile text editing environment, spiced with macros, tons of configuration options, code high-lighting and more.

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Dupli Find (portable) v6.16

Dupli Find can quickly find duplicate lines in text files and Word documents, allowing you to easily replace text. This version is portable.

Date updated:04/22/2015 Downloads:188 Filesize:1.06 MB
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Mext v1.14

Mext is a text editor that is designed for writing programs, drawing up technical documentation and making webpages.

Date updated:04/07/2013 Downloads:184 Filesize:1.64 MB
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FreeText v1.14

FreeText is a simple and easy-to-use tool for making notes and other text entries.

Date updated:04/07/2013 Downloads:181 Filesize:993.48 kB
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Kotobee Author v1.2.1

Kotobee Author is a comprehensive ebook creator and EPUB editor.

Date updated:08/07/2016 Downloads:179 Filesize:42.37 MB
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Notebook PEA v1.2

Notebook PEA is a text editor that encrypts your notes and protects them with a password.

Date updated:03/28/2019 Downloads:177 Filesize:327.00 kB

medit v1.2.0

medit is an advanced text editor that is suitable for programmers.

Date updated:04/07/2014 Downloads:174 Filesize:11.61 MB
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EverEdit Free v2.9.0

EverEdit is a fast, lightweight, extendable text, source and binary editor for Windows.

Date updated:11/04/2013 Downloads:170 Filesize:2.39 MB
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Black NotePad v2.1.0.1

Black NotePad is like an enhanced version of the Notepad application in Windows operating systems.

Date updated:07/31/2020 Downloads:166 Filesize:26.97 kB
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DustyPad v1.1

DustyPad is a free multi-tab notepad utility with some advanced features.

Date updated:07/16/2014 Downloads:165 Filesize:563.50 kB
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Paper is a sketchable text editor, allowing you to take notes but also draw your own sketches.

Date updated:10/10/2013 Downloads:165 Filesize:522.96 kB
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