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Text editors

Text editors can be split into two main categories by their features and this category has plenty of tools for each:

Very basic, Notepad replacement tools that simply aim to improve/fix the most obvious flaws found in Windows' own, integrated text editor, known as Notepad. These tools don't offer bells and whistles, but focus on being light, efficient and easy-to-use.

Full-blown programmer-grade text editors that are aimed for developers and people who need highly customizable and versatile text editing environment, spiced with macros, tons of configuration options, code high-lighting and more.

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PasteBin v1.11.14.43

PasteBin is a freeware tool that helps you create, store and manage your paste’s on even if you use a Guest account.

Date updated:12/23/2013 Downloads:619 Filesize:1.89 MB
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MacVim for Mac OS X 10.5 (PPC, Intel, Cocoa GUI) v7.4.90

MacVim is a highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient text editing. It is an improved version of the vi editor distributed with most UNIX systems.

Date updated:11/12/2013 Downloads:606 Filesize:8.86 MB
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RJ TextEd v12.90

RJ TextEd is an advanced text editor that has unicode support and also can be used for CSS and HTML editing.

Date updated:03/18/2018 Downloads:580 Filesize:121.98 MB
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Nodesoft Text Line Remover v1.01.01

Text Line Remover has but one use. Search in text files for some specific phrase, and either delete the lines, or delete all other lines (not containing these phrases).

Date updated:08/31/2010 Downloads:571 Filesize:1.26 MB
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CSVed v2.5.2a

CSVed is a CSV file viewer and editor tool for Windows.

Date updated:08/06/2017 Downloads:561 Filesize:2.22 MB
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SSuite Office - WordGraph v8.46

SSuite Office - WordGraph is a word processing application that is compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

Date updated:09/26/2016 Downloads:557 Filesize:23.18 MB

Notepad2 Portable v4.2.25

A fast, light and versatile text editor with colour coding for various different languages.

Date updated:05/19/2011 Downloads:554 Filesize:304.54 kB
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XML Viewer Plus v1.01

XML Viewer Plus is basically a text editor written specifically for viewing and editing XML files. However it also has the ability to validate the XML structure and format the code.

Date updated:07/30/2012 Downloads:535 Filesize:935 kB
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NexusFont (Portable) v2.5.8.1582

Choose and manage your fonts with Nexus Font

Date updated:12/02/2013 Downloads:504 Filesize:1.87 MB
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Sublime Text for Mac OS X v2.0.2

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

Date updated:08/02/2013 Downloads:494
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