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Core FTP LE v2.2.1919

Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
Core FTP LE is a FTP client with many features: SFTP (SSH), SSL, TLS, IDN, browser integration, site to site transfers, FTP transfer resume, drag and drop support, file viewing & editing, firewall support, custom commands, FTP URL parsing, command line transfers, filters, and much, much more!


Core FTP LE v2.2.1679 Beta

Other editions:

core ftp le ssl tls ssh idn

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 17 May 2018
Downloads 6594
File size 4.88 MB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

17 May 2018Core FTP LE v2.2.1919(Latest stable version)
09 Jun 2017Core FTP LE v2.2.1895
05 May 2017Core FTP LE v2.2.1893
01 Oct 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1857
29 Apr 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1853
04 Apr 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1849
30 Mar 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1845
25 Mar 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1839
21 Mar 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1838
18 Mar 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1837
25 Feb 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1835
18 Feb 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1833
06 Feb 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1832
28 Jan 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1831
15 Jan 2015Core FTP LE v2.2.1827
27 Dec 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1825
25 Nov 2014Core FTP LE v2.2 build 1823
18 Oct 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1817
22 Sep 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1812
28 Aug 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1803
10 May 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1798
02 Apr 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1796
20 Jan 2014Core FTP LE v2.2.1795
20 Nov 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1792
04 Oct 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1789
15 Aug 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1785
26 Jun 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1778
25 Jun 2013Core FTP LE v2.2 build 1777
30 May 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1775
28 Feb 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1769
16 Jan 2013Core FTP LE v2.2.1765
20 Nov 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1764
25 Jun 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1751
17 May 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1747
20 Apr 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1741
26 Mar 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1737
15 Mar 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1735
23 Feb 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1729
22 Feb 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1727
15 Feb 2012Core FTP LE v2.2.1725
22 Nov 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1718
18 Nov 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1713
05 Oct 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1695
04 Oct 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1695 Beta
19 Aug 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1689
12 Aug 2011Core FTP LE v2.2 build 1689 Beta
07 Jul 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1687 Beta
29 Jun 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1685 Beta
16 Jun 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1683 Beta
08 Jun 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1682 Beta
21 Apr 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1679 Beta
22 Mar 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1675 Beta
08 Mar 2011Core FTP LE v2.2.1673
25 Feb 2011Core FTP LE v2.1.1673 Beta
20 Feb 2011Core FTP LE v2.1.1671 Beta
15 Dec 2010Core FTP LE v2.1.1661 Beta
27 Oct 2010Core FTP LE v2.1.1658 Beta
02 Jun 2010Core FTP LE v2.1.1647
02 Mar 2010Core FTP LE v2.1.1643
09 Jan 2010Core FTP LE v2.1.1637
03 Nov 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1631 Beta
19 Oct 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1625
06 Jul 2009Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1612
01 Jul 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1609
13 May 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1607
16 Apr 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1603
11 Mar 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1596
06 Feb 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1593
13 Jan 2009Core FTP LE v2.1.1591
30 Dec 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1589
16 Dec 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1586
11 Dec 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1585
01 Dec 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1582
30 Sep 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1576
14 Aug 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1575
01 Aug 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1573
29 May 2008Core FTP LE v2.1.1568 Beta
09 May 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1565 Beta
08 May 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1564 Beta
07 May 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1563 Beta
28 Apr 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1560 Beta
24 Apr 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1557 Beta
21 Mar 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1552 Beta
19 Mar 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1551 Beta
06 Mar 2008Core FTP LE v2.1 Build 1549
18 Feb 2008Core FTP LE v2.1
08 Feb 2008Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1545 Beta
06 Feb 2008Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1544 Beta
30 Jan 2008Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1543 Beta
02 Jan 2008Core FTP LE v2.0 build 1539
27 Dec 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 build 1537
15 Dec 2007Core FTP LE v2.0.1533
12 Dec 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1533 Beta
04 Dec 2007Core FTP LE v2.0.1531
29 Oct 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1527 Beta
08 Oct 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1522 Beta
08 Oct 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1521 Beta
05 Oct 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1520 Beta
13 Aug 2007Core FTP LE v2.0
08 Aug 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Build 1507 Beta
28 Jul 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta Build 1505
20 Jul 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta Build 1502
22 Jun 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta Build 1495
06 Apr 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta Build 1487
15 Feb 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta Build 1485
08 Feb 2007Core FTP LE v2.0 Beta
31 Jan 2007Core FTP LE v1.3c
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Unverified new user
Core FTP LE v2.1.1673 Beta

Thanks for adding NFS v3 soprupt in the kernel! :D This was really holding me back on using NFS since Windows Vista only soprupts NFS v3.With this firmware I should be able to mount my disks using the NFS Client built into Vista (Ultimate). Ill give it a try asap.

12 Jun 2012

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