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Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit

Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit is a useful rootkit detection and removal tool from MalwareBytes. Use at own risk while in BETA.

Date updated:09/15/2015 Downloads:952 Filesize:15.80 MB
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Arovax Shield v2.1.103

Arovax Shield is a real time security monitor.

Date updated:04/26/2007 Downloads:951 Filesize:1.92 MB

Adeona v0.2.1a

Adeona is the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop that does not rely on a proprietary, central service.

Date updated:09/29/2008 Downloads:948 Filesize:2.01 MB
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VSEncryptor v2.7.3.527

VSEncryptor is a simple but powerful file and text encryption application for Windows, supporting a variety of strong encryption algorithms.

Date updated:12/06/2014 Downloads:943 Filesize:2.17 MB
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Network Password Decryptor v7.2

Network Password Decryptor is a tool to recover network passwords stored in Windows.

Date updated:04/02/2015 Downloads:941 Filesize:3.41 MB
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Hardwipe (64-bit) v5.2.1

Hardwipe is a secure file wipe eraser and drive wiper for Windows.

Date updated:04/13/2017 Downloads:940 Filesize:9.67 MB

Junkware Removal Tool v8.0.9

Junkware Removal Tool removes common adware, malware, PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) and more from your computer.

Date updated:10/06/2016 Downloads:940 Filesize:1.56 MB
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XPassGen v0.5

XPassGen allows you to generate secure, unpredictable passwords and has several uses.

Date updated:07/09/2008 Downloads:937 Filesize:143.27 kB
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LeakTest v1.2

LeakTest is a small application that can be used to simulate trojan horses, viruses, adware or spyware on your computer to test if our computer's security is up to date.

Date updated:12/30/2006 Downloads:936 Filesize:25 kB

Gpg4win v3.1.12

Gpg4win (GNU Privacy Guard for Windows) is encryption software for files and emails.

Date updated:07/29/2020 Downloads:932 Filesize:27.58 kB
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