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McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.648

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
McAfee Stinger Portable detects and removes prevalent Fake Alert malware and threats. While not a replacement for full fledged antivirus software, Stinger is updated multiple times a week to include detection for newer Fake Alert variants and prevalent viruses.

This is the Portable version. For the full version, click here.


McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2430 McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.914

mcafee stinger malware worm remove detect portable

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 18 Feb 2020
Downloads 4,410
File size 406.70 kB (<1min @ 1Mbps)
Supported languages English
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

18 Feb 2020McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.3407(Latest stable version)
23 Jan 2020McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.3394
15 Nov 2019McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.3351
12 Jun 2019McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.3191
13 Mar 2019McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.3055
26 Jun 2018McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2816
31 Mar 2018McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2708
01 Feb 2018McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2660
13 Dec 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2604
19 Oct 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2523
17 Aug 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2456
30 Jul 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2437
18 Jul 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2430
23 May 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2376
16 Apr 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2336
18 Feb 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2265
21 Jan 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2231
08 Jan 2017McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2219
05 Oct 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2134
17 Aug 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2086
12 Aug 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2082
10 Aug 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2081
10 Jul 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2050
15 Jun 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2034
05 Jun 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2023
10 May 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.2005
04 May 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1999
23 Feb 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1920
09 Feb 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1904
04 Feb 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1882
24 Jan 2016McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1859
20 Dec 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1836
12 Dec 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1828
25 Nov 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1806
27 Oct 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1779
18 Oct 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1759
06 Oct 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1744
29 Sep 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1737
15 Sep 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1716
03 Sep 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1704
26 Aug 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1687
13 Aug 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1663
15 Apr 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1454
02 Apr 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1440
30 Mar 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1432
05 Mar 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1385
21 Feb 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1346
17 Feb 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1336
10 Feb 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1323
03 Feb 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1316
29 Jan 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1312
21 Jan 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1303
13 Jan 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1297
07 Jan 2015McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1290
30 Dec 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1273
25 Dec 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1271
04 Dec 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1229
20 Nov 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1210
29 Oct 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1171
14 Oct 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1145
13 Oct 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1137
05 Oct 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1122
24 Sep 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1107
20 Sep 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1099
10 Sep 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1089
03 Sep 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1071
19 Aug 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1041
12 Aug 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1035
05 Aug 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.1016
15 Jul 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.992
10 Jul 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.982
30 Jun 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.973
11 Jun 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.943
07 Jun 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.933
26 May 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.921
29 Apr 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.878
08 Apr 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.854
04 Jan 2014McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.734
14 Dec 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.694
11 Dec 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.690
04 Dec 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.675
25 Nov 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.648
19 Nov 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.634
11 Nov 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.1.0.624
05 Nov 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.612
28 Oct 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.603
22 Oct 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.593
24 Sep 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.539
20 Sep 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.537
19 Sep 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.524
05 Sep 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.513
29 Aug 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.503
20 Aug 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v12.0.0.493
15 Aug 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.485
07 Aug 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.473
30 Jul 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.452
13 May 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.289
07 May 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.278
15 Apr 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.239
09 Apr 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.228
25 Mar 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v11.0.0.206
12 Mar 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.1018
10 Mar 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.1015
08 Mar 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.1014
19 Feb 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.933
08 Feb 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.979
06 Feb 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.976
04 Feb 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.971
02 Feb 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.970
23 Jan 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.961
22 Jan 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.959
18 Jan 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.956
16 Jan 2013McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.953
11 Dec 2012McAfee Stinger (PortableApps) v10.2.0.914
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