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Version history for Agnitum Outpost Firewall PRO

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Changes for v9.1 (4643.690.1951) - v9.1 (4652.701.1951)

  • Issue of high resource consumption resulting in occasional breakdowns of audio streaming is fixed

Changes for v9.0 (4537.670.1937) - v9.1 (4643.690.1951)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • SmartDecision operation algorithms. Decreased number of issues with unjustified understatement of applications’ rating
  • Extended version support for Internet Explorer for Quick Tune panel
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Possible cases of BSOD with Driver of network operations were fixed
  • Quick Scan: the issue with some system catalogs missing in the checklist under x64, was fixed
  • Possible system freeze on web browsing under Windows XP was fixed

Changes for v9.0 (4535.670.1937) - v9.0 (4537.670.1937)

  • Possible installation procedure failure on process scanning is fixed
  • Impossibility to continue installation on detecting of partially incompatible products on Windows XP is fixed

Changes for v8.1.2 (4313.670.1936) - v9.0 (4535.670.1937)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • Outpost can install in Windows Safe Mode
  • Agnitum Live Disk. Users can now create a bootable rescue CD or USB drive with Agnitum Live Disk utility. This tool will eliminate the malware that is preventing Outpost from being installed and clears the way for a normal installation process
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • An update error emerging during component update was fixed
  • Improved stability of ImproveNet module update process
  • Improved stability of operations with Process Activity
  • Improved stability of creating rules in the Process Activity
  • Improved stability of Service during the checks of digital signatures
  • The logic of applying updated presets was optimized
  • Issues with default installation of specific parameters on creating a new configuration were fixed
  • The system of application rating was optimized
  • The issue with impossibility of closing down the alert window on a terminated process was fixed
  • Errors in detecting local networks using iPv6 were fixed
  • Possible out-of-service response from the driver of network operations was fixed
  • Localization issues were fixed

Changes for v8.0 (4164.652.1856) - v8.1 (4303.670.1908)

  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Extended abilities to intercept intrusions into process memory using processes shared memory areas
  • Extended HIPS monitoring area on Windows 8
  • Improved product operation with Fast User Switch
  • Improved logic of driver operation with IPv6 addresses
  • Improved SmartDesicion characteristics
  • Improved entertainment mode logic
  • Presets are updated
  • Known GUI and service BSODs are fixed
  • AFW: Several reported crashes in firewall driver are fixed
  • AFW: Obsolete addresses cleanup issue is fixed (could affect network connections throughput)
  • Rules autocreation logic vulnerability is fixed
  • Possible application blockings on Fast User Switch are removed
  • Possible product setup issue caused by MS Redistributable Package version conflicts is fixed
  • Inability to install product on Windows 8 on exceeding the number of filters installed in protocol stack is fixed
  • Issues with logic of assigning SmartDesicion rating to several applications are fixed
  • Issue with high-priority low-level firewall rules creation is fixed
  • Possible delays, freezes and unavailability of Windows Audio service on Windows Vista are fixed
  • Issues with product update via proxy server are fixed
  • Several issues with individual sites configuration in QuickTune plug-in are fixed
  • Possible UI issues and glitches are fixed
  • Typing errors in GUI are fixed
  • GUI issues with rules creation for critical objects are fixed
  • Defects in product prompts under low screen resolution are fixed
  • Typos and errors in national localizations are fixed
  • Incorrect filters operation in packet log and firewall is fixed
  • Possible operating system freezes on using Opera browser are fixed
  • Reported memory and resources leaks are fixed
  • Outpost Pro and Spam Terrier compatibility issues are fixed

Changes for v7.6 (3984.639.1842) - v8.0 (4164.652.1856)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • New, more user-friendly interface
  • Full compatibility with Windows 8
  • Improved 64-bit OS protection
  • Smaller installation package
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Action Center
  • Updated network activity presets for system processes
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • The vulnerability after reverting to non-GUI operation mode (Computer Lock)
  • The firewall crashing under Windows 8
  • Several service and GUI crashes
  • ICMP traffic on Windows 8 is now filtered correctly
  • Issues with sending excess information to ImproveNet
  • GUI freeze when the Event Viewer is in use
  • Certain graphical element positioning errors

Changes for v7.5.3 (3942.608.1810) - v7.6 (3984.645.1842)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • Windows 8 support: general drivers support
  • Windows 8 support: blocking of infected Metro applications
  • Windows Action Center support is improved
  • Processing of IPv6 addresses is improved
  • ICMPv6 support in firewall rules names
  • Logs are moved from the product folder into the common Application Data folder
  • Blockpost module operation in suspended protection mode is improved
  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Issues with torrent clients are fixed (zero connections, slow-downs, freezes)
  • Attack Detection issues are fixed, reaction logic in case of multiple attackers is improved
  • BSOD’s caused by network applications operation in fast networks are fixed
  • Blocking and freezing issues caused by the content filtering mechanism are fixed
  • Low-level rules priority issues are fixed

Changes for v7.5.2 - v7.5.3 (3941.604.1810)

  • Issues with Java 7 and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Issues with MySQL and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Issues with Remote Desktop and IPv6 on Windows 7
  • Causes of several of the most commonly reported crashes fixed

Changes for v7.5.1 (3791.596.1681) - v7.5.2

  • Improved SmartDecision technology to make decision-making easier for users, with color-coded alerts in yellow, green and red
  • Upgraded anti-virus (anti-malware) engine 5.4.1 with improved detection of malware in packed executable files
  • Support for Java Archive (JAR) and Android application package file formats for on-the-fly (on-access) detection
  • Comprehensive Unicode support for and even greater stability for faster, smoother performance
  • Enhanced self-protection against attempts by malware to take over the user?s computer
  • User interface improvements for greater ease of use
  • Revamped anti-spam filters detect and segregate junk mail intelligently

Changes for v7.5 (3720.574.1668) - v7.5.1 (3791.596.1681)

  • The following issues have been fixed:
  • Disabling Proactive protection in Outpost interface could not disable it in fact
  • Progress bar window was always on top during the procession of quarantine objects
  • Several frequent crashes
  • The following improvements have been made:
  • Multiple compatibility improvements with third-party products
  • Improvements in detection, curing, and quarantining archives

Changes for v7.5 (3717.574.1668) - v7.5 (3720.574.1668)

  • Minor GUI fixes

Changes for v7.5 (3663.571.1653) Beta 3 - v7.5 (3717.574.1668)

  • Outpost Firewall Pro 7.5 — Performance Edition introduces the following improvements:
  • Performance:
  • Web page filtering is 3x faster
  • Filtering for spyware sites is up to 100 times faster
  • CPU and memory consumption are lower
  • Improved performance and stability on 64-bit PCs
  • Security:
  • New SmartDecision module increases accuracy of non-signature detection
  • New clipboard and screen content protection secures cut-and-paste operations and prevents screen scraping
  • Auto-Learn mode now operates more securely, even on infected PCs
  • Autorun Protection prevents malware from spreading via USB drives
  • Updated and extended list of applications and associated data protected by AppGuard
  • Enhanced self-protection mechanism
  • Greater control over registry backup and restore attempts
  • Compatibility and Ease of Use:
  • Ability to submit suspect files to Agnitum automatically from within the UI for further analysis
  • Support for mobile broadband devices under Windows 7
  • Redesigned pop-up dialogs for more intuitive operation
  • What’s Fixed:
  • Content filter and firewall operational issues under Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Blocking by keywords issues
  • Issues while streaming videos on YouTube
  • Performance issues on Windows 7 machines
  • Issues while using BitTorrent clients (including performance issues)
  • Most commonly reported causes of system crashes
  • Decreased number of Application Guard false positives
  • Minor GUI fixes

Changes for v7.0.4 (3412.520.1245) - v7.1 (3415.520.1247)

  • The following improvements have been made:
  • New applications were added to the list of applications controlled by Application Guard
  • Most commonly reported crashes are fixed

Changes for v7.0.3 (3395.517.1242) - v7.0.4 (3398.519.1243)

  • Most commonly reported crashes
  • Possible freeze on starting applications for which no rules are created if rules auto-creation is disabled
  • Possible freeze on Windows 7 x64 while downloading torrents and playing online games
  • Application Guard false positives for lsass.exe
  • Possible system freezes on various actions: delete file, open file from context menu, empty recycle bin
  • More minor issues and interface issues

Changes for v7.0 (3373.514.1234) - v7.0.1 (3376.514.1234)

  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Self-protection mechanism improved (new registry hives are now protected)
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Outpost could freeze on starting automatic update

Changes for v6.7.2 (3001.452.0718) - v6.7.3 (3063.452.0726)

  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Service was unavailable if installing on a low-power PC

Changes for v6.7.1 (2983.450.0714) - v6.7.2 (3001.452.0718)

  • Autolearn mode is disabled by default if Advanced security level is selected during installation
  • Slowdown during installation of redistributable components
  • Entertainment mode prompt was not disabled on starting full-screen applications
  • SMTP attachments could not be sent using Thunderbird mail client
  • Installation issues (ACS server could not be found)
  • Rules for trusted and blocked applications could be lost after suspending protection
  • Properties of some applications could not be opened from the Edit Rules dialog
  • Log folder could not be opened using the command in the Settings window
  • Issues on displaying web pages on servers using gzip encoding
  • Real-time protection was disabled for some time after antivirus databases update

Changes for v6.5.5 (2535.385.0692) - v6.7 (2954.446.0710)

  • What's new:
  • Windows 7 beta-support
  • Anti-Spyware engine improved
  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Improved content filtering performance
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Issues with Heuristic analysis
  • Issues with configuration after computer infection
  • Self-protection exclusions list was not preserved under Windows Vista
  • Issues after Windows Vista SP1 loading, including: Services were not started, Strange windows behavior, Slow startup
  • Several most commonly reported crashes, including: Possible crash in case of insufficient memory, Possible crash while scrolling through the Host Protection components list
  • Several most commonly reported freezes, including: Possible freeze on scrolling the applications list, Possible freeze on UAC dialog display
  • Some visual notifications could be displayed in Entertainment Mode
  • Possible problems with ICS (packets could be blocked)
  • Possible problems with drivers installation
  • Possible compatibility issues with KAV/KIS
  • High CPU load in case of working with Lingvo X3
  • Hosts file modification could not sometimes be detected
  • Adding Windows/System32 folder to exclusions did not work
  • Rules for EMULE.EXE were not applied
  • Issues while receiving mail using The Bat!
  • Incredimail could crash on mail receiving
  • Rawsocket rules did not work correctly
  • Content filtering rules did not work for mtorrent.exe
  • Port scanning false positives on detecting UDP packet to the closed port from DNS server
  • Some printer functions did not work if Outpost was installed on a computer
  • Outpost could cause GUI freeze under Windows Vista 64
  • Internet Explorer could crash on trying to change site properties using Quick Tune plug-in
  • No Quick Tune plug-in in Internet Explorer on x64 platforms
  • Update settings did not work correctly
  • Registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager] "BootExecute" was not protected
  • Incompatibility with Jaws application
  • Outpost service could not start with enabled UAC
  • Windows Firewall could not sometimes be disabled after Outpost installation
  • Incoming NetBIOS connections were blocked even if NetBIOS check box in LAN settings was selected
  • By default content is not filtered for loopback address anymore
  • Music could not be played from with Outpost installed
  • RPC DCOM attack could not be detected
  • Outpost could not sometimes detect driver load
  • Outpost could detect Norton Antivirus after its uninstallation
  • Incoming connections could be successfully established in case of blocking policy
  • Transit packets were blocked on attempt to open web pages on VMWare
  • More minor issues

Changes for v6.5.4 (2525.381.0687) - v6.5.5 (2535.385.0692)

  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista SP2
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2008 SP2
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Driver could crash on plugging card reader
  • Packets blocked by IP Block component were not displayed in the Packets log
  • Updates did not work if Internet Explorer was not installed
  • More minor issues

Changes for v2008 (6.0.2295.253.0490) - v2009 (6.5.2355.316.0597)

  • The following improvements are introduced:
  • Security:
  • Blockpost plug-in functionality (ability to restrict traffic from specified IPs)
  • New SmartScan2 technology (storage of status cache files information in a single file, considerable performance improvement)
  • Keyloggers' control by Host Protection for x86 systems
  • Detecting files with NTFS-encrypted content and/or with the System: Deny Full Control privilege
  • The ability to scan remote folders is added
  • Ease of use:
  • New customizable process tree in Network Activity/Process Activity logs
  • Log Viewer improvements (table form, filtering, etc.)
  • Main window improvements (protection status, switching between Simple/Expert views)
  • Improved settings (redesigned Anti-Leak and Web Control settings dialogs, integrated Application Rules dialog)
  • Improved Online Activity logging
  • Ability to disable logging completely
  • Alerts on rules creation in the Auto-Learn mode
  • The following issues are resolved (only significant ones are listed):
  • Error during installation (code 14001)
  • Error during update (code 101)
  • Network connections were blocked after installation on the computer with Avast installed
  • If installing over a previous version, password from the previous configuration was not accepted
  • Issues with blocking GZIP
  • Update period was expired with the valid key/in trial mode
  • User interface settings inconsistency in compatibility mode
  • Entertainment mode settings were not preserved
  • Blocked traffic while working with virtual machines
  • Issues while detecting malware in a hosts file (file was deleted, possible crash)
  • Applications located on removable disks sometimes inherited network access rules from other applications
  • EVE Monitor data were blocked
  • Outpost prevented system restore point creation under Windows Vista
  • Several most commonly reported crashes
  • More minor issues

Changes for v2008 (6.0.2293.253.0490) - v2008 (6.0.2295.253.0490)

  • Databases update issues

Changes for v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266) - v2008 (6.0.2162.205.402.266)

  • Outpost Firewall Pro could freeze on Windows Vista with third-party antivirus software installed (KIS, NOD32, AVAST)
  • Access to encrypted drives could be denied
  • Empty Network Activity log
  • Several possible crashes

Changes for v4.0 (1025.700.303) - v2008 (6.0.2160.205.402.266)

  • Improved Host Protection. Unauthorized drivers are blocked from loading and malicious code is prevented from gaining full access to the system, and there is a new focus on consistency and reliability of protection against unknown malware that attempts to circumvent existing security.
  • Restricted access to potentially infective websites. The new web control module optionally blocks access to potentially malicious web sites, safeguarding users' systems against inappropriate personal data disclosure and drive-by downloads. The filtering is reputation-based and works in the background, regardless of whether the anti-malware module is active. The list of restricted sites can be manually edited; it is updated via the regular automatic updates.
  • Extended monitoring of critical system objects. For more advanced users, this feature allows the definition and management of permissible actions to further control vulnerable system objects and inappropriate program behavior.
  • Full Vista and 64-bit platform support. The totally redesigned Outpost architecture means that the product is now compatible with Windows 2000 onwards, including Vista and all 64-bit Windows versions.
  • IPv6 support. The new network connection protocol extensively used in Windows Vista, IPv6, is fully recognized, filtered and its data protected. The protocol is the evolution of its predecessor, IPv4, and provides a number of scalability, automation and security improvements.
  • Full support for Fast User Switching and low-privilege user accounts. Outpost is now compatible with multi-user Windows environments and works seamlessly with Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop connections. Under Vista, the product fully supports User Account Control security mechanisms.
  • Granular web control. Ad blocking and protection against infective websites has been extended to ensure compatibility with even the most complex and sophisticated websites and provide even higher levels of online safety.
  • Improved appearance and accessibility. The streamlined interface with Vista-style design lets users review options and access key program features much more quickly.
  • Auto-learning mode. When Outpost is first started, it runs in a special "learning mode" where all alert notifications are suppressed. During this time, the program is silently learning the user's typical program activity and firewall-monitored connections. After the learning period is over, the product reverts to normal mode, but will prompt for a response only when new activity is seem, dramatically reducing the number of alerts requiring a user response.
  • Improved visibility into on-demand spyware scanning. The scanner displays detailed information about the current scanning and malware removal process, letting users see in real time the types of malware found and eradicated.
  • Outstanding performance and very low resource consumption. Gives users more flexibility in setting when future scans will be scheduled, as well as defining more scanning parameters, such as checking critical system areas whenever malware definitions have been updated.

Changes for v4.0 (1024.700.292) - v4.0 (1025.700.303)

  • More strict rules for DNS activity
  • Automatic rules creation issue (active rules were disabled)
  • Freezes on x64 platform

Changes for v4.0 (1007.7323.591) - v4.0 (1024.700.292)

  • Error occurred on uninstalling Debug plugin if Outpost Firewall was running installing third-party applications
  • Outpost Firewall blocked third-party applications setup programs
  • Outpost Firewall now detects attempts to install over the later version
  • Outpost Firewall could freeze on starting
  • Outpost Firewall could freeze on detecting critical system object change
  • Recurring critical system object change could not be detected
  • Outpost Firewall could crash if working concurrently with "World of Warcraft"

Changes for v4.0 (971.584.079) - v4.0 (1005.590.123)

  • Fake Protection Revealer leaktest interception
  • SpyCar tests interception
  • Allow Once action in real-time spyware protection learn dialog
  • Real-time spyware protection learn dialog improved for critical objects changes detection
  • Addition of Expandable String Value and similar variables to the
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run registry key is now controlled

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