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Version history for Alchemy Network Inventory

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Changes for v9.1 - v9.2

  • Added: The user can now see the inventory log for each individual item in the Remote Inventory Wizard window

Changes for v9.0 - v9.1

  • Added: The Remove Inventory Wizard window was improved to show the statuses of the hosts being inventoried

Changes for v8.9 - v9.0

  • Added: The user can now delete outdated inventory files from the command line
  • Added: The Custom Objects List report
  • Added: The client program crashed in some cases when concatenating the fresh inventory information with the previous results

Changes for v8.8 - v8.9

  • Added: Adobe Acrobat 8, 9 registration information detection
  • Added: Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 registration information detection
  • Added: Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, CS5 registration information detection
  • Added: Adobe Illustrator CS5 registration information detection

Changes for v8.6 - v8.7

  • Added: Office 2007 licensing information detection
  • Added: The Software Licenses View now displays the difference between the number of purchased licenses and installed instances
  • Improved: While detecting software on a target machine, the program is now able to detect software major and minor version more accuratelly
  • Fixed: The program now correctly shows Windows edition name for Windows7

Changes for v8.5 - v8.6

  • Added: The program now makes multiple attempts to re-scan computer configuration if it failed at the first time
  • Fixed: The program did not always show the correct amount of RAM in the main program window

Changes for v8.4 - v8.5

  • Added: Computer hardware, software and configuration change history
  • Added: Computer history report
  • Fixed: The program did not show SCSI devices detected
  • Fixed: Driver version for MIDI Out devices was not recorded in the XML data file

Changes for v8.3 - v8.4

  • Added: The program can now delete inventory files that were not updated for a long time
  • Fixed: Program reports did not execute on some of the 64-bit Windows OS's and Windows 2003
  • Fixed: The program did not show inventory information for certain type of devices, e.g. Secure Computing SG560 routers

Changes for v8.2 - v8.3

  • Added: The user can now search computers not only for user names, but also for IP addresses, MAC addresses and computer names
  • Added: The program now collects SID information for all local user accounts
  • Fixed: The program crashed when inventoried computers with the devices having illegal chars in the Hardware_ID field

Changes for v8.0 - v8.1

  • Added: Scheduled jobs detection
  • Added: The Expand All Departments popup menu command

Changes for v7.9 - v8.0

  • Improved: A filtered List of software is now available in program GUI
  • Fixed: Duplicate software titles in the computer software list
  • Fixed: The program duplicated certain DirectX information when the user updated the Custom Data section
  • Fixed: The program crashed when trying to load a corrupted computer inventory file

Changes for v7.8 - v7.9

  • Improved: The program's Aboutbox has been improved
  • Fixed: The program crashed when detecting Dell Asset Tag on certain computers

Changes for v7.7 - v7.8

  • Added: Printable manual
  • Improved: The program now displays dates according to the computer regional settings
  • Improved: The program does not freeze when inventorying a large number of PC's due to a smaller timeout value
  • Improved: The program now uses the minimal MAC address on computers that have multiple network adapters when processing the %MACADDRESS% macro in the inventory file name generation
  • Fixed: The program did not remotelly inventory remote Vista PC's if the provided logon credentials did not have the "start service" priviledge

Changes for v7.6 - v7.7

  • Fixed: The Find User function did not work in the Administrator Module
  • Fixed: The program ignored the XML encoding setting in program settings
  • Fixed: The General Devices Information Report did not always show the IP Addresses section
  • Fixed: The program showed incorrect names for environment variables in GUI

Changes for v7.4 - v7.6

  • Added: The user can now re-inventory a computer or device from the right-click menu in the left window tab
  • Improved: The list of computer names can now be loaded from a file when the user launches network inventory from the command-line parameters
  • Improved: The customer_ID command-line parameter
  • Added: Network scan profiles
  • Fixed: A few misspellings were fixed in the program screens
  • Fixed: The program did not correctly process single quotes out of %COMPUTERS_BEGI% / %COMPUTERS_END% bkackets in the data export routine

Changes for v7.3 - v7.4

  • Added: Custom object types
  • Improved: Inventory reports are now grouped
  • Improved: In Workstations Memory Report the user can now select grouping mode

Changes for v6.7 - v6.8

  • Added: Hardware ports list
  • Added: Workgroup and domain information for computers
  • Added: Operating system installation date
  • Fixed: Few minor problems were fixed in the program design
  • Fixed: Reports did not always correctly display devices information
  • Fixed: Software licensese "Set all items to YES or NO" menu item did not work

Changes for v6.6 - v6.7

  • Added: Complete GUI redesign
  • Added: Full Microsoft Windows Vista support
  • Improved: Windows Firewall does not pop up when performing computer inventory
  • Fixed: Certain bugs were fixed in the program reports

Changes for v6.2 - v6.3

  • Added: Opera web browser detection and history
  • Added: *nix devices inventory
  • Improved: Mapped drives information added in the General Computer Information Report
  • Fixed: The program crashed under some conditions when inventorying a remote PC

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