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Version history for Atlantis Word Processor

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Changes for v1.6.6 - v1.6.6.1

  • This version of Atlantis Word Processor is a minor release with a new "Factory settings" command.

Changes for v1.6.5.13 - v1.6.6

  • Wildcards and regular expressions
  • ? and *
  • < and >
  • Character sets [ ] and [! ]
  • Repetition counters @ and {n,m}
  • Parentheses () and group backreferences \n
  • Environment delimiters ||
  • Escaping wildcards
  • Special characters in regular expressions
  • Examples
  • A. Finding duplicate paragraphs
  • B. Reformatting phone numbers
  • C. Converting email addresses into HTML hyperlinks
  • New special characters
  • The "Exact match" option
  • "Inverted" search

Changes for v1.6.5.12 - v1.6.5.13

  • This version of Atlantis Word Processor adds support for creating Kindle (MOBI) eBooks from within Atlantis. Just download the kindlegen utility from Amazon, and put it in the home folder of Atlantis on your system. The "Save as eBook" command of Atlantis will automatically save your documents not only to the EPUB format, but also to the MOBI format.

Changes for v1.6.5.10 - v1.6.5.11

  • A fix to a problem with the "Insert | Picture..." dialog. It did not work correctly when there were multiple pictures selected in the document, and those pictures were of different sizes. Now you can also use this dialog to toggle the "Zoom to fit page" option for multiple selected pictures at one go.
  • Improvement to the "Edit | Copy" command of Atlantis. When a document selection contained pictures, the "Copy" command previously placed selected pictures onto the clipboard as Windows metafiles. Now when the "Save supercompact RTF documents" option is checked on the "Load / Save" tab of the "Tools | Options..." dialog of Atlantis, the "Copy" command places pictures onto the clipboard as PNGs or JPEGs. Thanks to this change, copying and pasting text fragments with pictures in Atlantis now works much faster and requires less system resources.

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