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Version history for BitTorrent Sync (Mac)

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Changes for v2.3.7 - v2.3.8

  • - Fixed issue with all folders disconnected by devices that reconnect after 30 days being offline
  • - Fixed Sync crashing on QNAP NAS
  • - Fixed Sync doesn't let HDD sleep on Synology NAS
  • - Fixed bind_interface power option not working on Mac
  • - Fixed files moved to Archive when unplugging USB drive with synced folder
  • - Fixed inability to share the folder as Owner after disconnection
  • - Added parameter to get Sync version thru API
  • - Improved Sync compatibility to FlexRaid disk pool

Changes for v2.2.7 - v2.3

  • Changes and improvements:
  • - Added Encrypted folder support (so you can encrypt data on untrusted servers or in cloud)
  • - Added ability to run Sync as a Service on Windows
  • - Enhanced error handling behaviour and brushed up Sync statuses
  • - Added Selective Sync on Linux
  • - Sync for Linux now creates (and loads) storage folder in the current directory
  • UI changes:
  • - Complete redesign of the Add Folder flow
  • - It will be possible to change folder path only in case of ‘Folder not found’ or ‘Service files missing’ error
  • - New design for very advanced (Power User) preferences
  • - General hygiene usability improvements
  • Fixes:
  • - Fixed issue when Sync showed incorrect info about license after applying Pro over Free or Trial
  • - Sync failed to update license info after license ownership was taken over by an Android device
  • - Resolved various issues with syncing to network drives: frequent database errors, failing to sync some files, bug when .bts files weren’t re-created after deleting actual files.
  • - Fixed issues with syncing database of MS Access and similar software
  • - Issues when indexing or deleting more than 10K of files or renaming 1K of files
  • - Sometimes certificate was lost after unexpected system restart
  • - Fixed issue with failing to sync files with read-only attributes set by other apps
  • - Files were re-downloaded after being restored from archive
  • - Sync wouldn’t start if there were no shared folders or webui in config
  • - Sync got stuck sometimes after renaming a subfolder
  • - Synced files sometimes were duplicated with .bts files
  • - Issue with getting blank UI when Sync is actually working
  • - Selective sync switch disappeared on Windows if Sync ran with /webui option or with Internet Explorer 8 or older
  • - /api/v2/folders call didn’t show RW secret
  • - Database error randomly appeared after system restart
  • - Feedback files corruption
  • - Fixed annoying tips and notifications
  • Known issues:
  • - Windows 10 claims that binary signature is corrupt or invalid

Changes for v2.2.6 - v2.2.7

  • - Fixed “Database error” appearing during long time Sync operation with no obvious reason
  • - Fixed issue with inability to re-apply owner license if client license is applied (business licenses only)
  • - Fixed minor cosmetic issues

Changes for v2.2.5 - v2.2.6

  • Fixes:
  • - Crashes on Linux when Sync starts in config mode, then in regular one
  • - Crashes in Linux chroot'ed environments
  • - "More options" shows empty list sometimes
  • - Minor cosmetic fixes

Changes for v2.2.4 - v2.2.5

  • - Fixed an issue with files being sent to archive if user cancels receiving via Explorer extension

Changes for v2.2.3 - v2.2.4

  • - Fixed free space in device info issues
  • - Fixed localization issues
  • - Minor cosmetic fixes

Changes for v2.2.2 - v2.2.3

  • Improvements
  • - Default folder behavior is now "Disconnected" for Windows and OS X clients
  • - Added a way to apply license from the "License" menu
  • - Show extended info about remote peer in "My Devices" regardless of default sync mode
  • - Allow to apply "My Devices" key from manual connection to simplify linking devices procedure
  • - Fix Sync icon for MacOS
  • - Minor cosmetic changes
  • Fixes
  • - Teams license cannot replace personal one
  • - Nothing happens when user clicks "Get started" button in welcome screen

Changes for v2.2.1 - v2.2.2

  • Fixes
  • - Sync keeps removing file deleted once by user if this file is copied back
  • - Added file gets removed in certain cases
  • - Incorrect Russian localization for peer list
  • - Various crashes

Changes for v2.2.0 - v2.2.1

  • Improvements
  • - List of locked files is now available for user
  • Fixes
  • - Crash during Sync startup on Windows
  • - Sync crashes after seat license is added
  • - Sync crashes if license request is denied sometimes
  • - License is not applied until restart
  • - Advanced settings are not saved after autoupdate sometimes
  • - Sync does not link Windows and Mac sometimes
  • - Deprecated settings prevent Linux package built by community from starting
  • - Personal license does not distribute automatically on free linked devices
  • - Optimize debug logs to save HDD space
  • - BTS files remain in the folder sometimes
  • - Sync shows stub list instead of locked files

Changes for v2.1.3 - v2.1.4

  • Fixes
  • - Sync data download does not work in rare cases

Changes for v2.1.2 - v2.1.3

  • Fixes
  • - Sync icon looks to be paused after upgrade
  • - Sync is unable to sync files and get approval requests via relay server sometimes

Changes for v2.1.1 - v2.1.2

  • Fixes
  • - Sync can't be removed from favorites
  • - Sync on Windows freezes while transferring/indexing huge amounts of files
  • - "Synced" mode applied regardless of user's choice sometimes
  • - "Sync Pro license updated" event appears only on one of the linked devices
  • - Old type bts placeholders in Sync 2.1 appear when subfolder is removed
  • - BTS files appear as duplicates of the Synced file (while the folder is in the Sync all mode)
  • - Large amount of folders causes high CPU usage and folder changes get detected only during rescan
  • - Files duplicated with .bts placeholders after re-adding by the same path
  • - Add "Bittorrent Sync" folder to favorites even when no devices are linked
  • - New folders are not propagated to linked NAS devices sometimes
  • - Synchronization gets stuck sometimes when many peers involved
  • - Sync does not update users permissions when gets a new link with permissions lower than those it had
  • - Sync sometimes returns a removed folder if Android device is present in mesh
  • - Intermittent Sync crashes on Windows
  • - Sync crashes after unlinking
  • - Sync crashes after a shared folder on a linked device is disconnected
  • - Sync crashes after removing folder on remote linked device
  • - Sync crashes when folder owner changes folder access permissions
  • - Sync crashes on OS X
  • - Sync consumes 200% of CPU resources on OS X, then crashes
  • - Sync freezes on start sometimes
  • - Improve Sync speed for many small files
  • - UI cosmetic fixes

Changes for v2.0.128 - v2.1.1

  • - Fixed issue that would cause UI to not update (like when linking a device or adding a folder)
  • 2.1.0
  • - Sync API v2 is enabled. For detailed information, see API page.
  • - A few core engine improvements.

Changes for v2.0.127 - v2.0.128

  • - Minor UI improvements
  • - A few core engine improvements

Changes for v2.0.124 - v2.0.125

  • Features
  • - If you have a storage device linked to your identity in “Synced” mode, capacity information about that device is shown in the My Devices window so it can be remotely monitored; that device must also be running Sync 2.0.125 or later
  • - Notifications in Sync are now synchronized across your devices
  • - Keyboard shortcuts have been added; “ctrl + /” on Windows and “command + /” on OS X to display the available shortcuts
  • - You can now add a folder to Sync by dragging and dropping it into the main window
  • Enhancements
  • - Notifications have been added for changes in folder permissions and licensing status
  • - Reduced the size of placeholder files on OS X when the folder’s “Sync all” option is off
  • Fixes
  • - “Date synced column” is not empty when peers go offline
  • - Critical issues have been resolved on POSIX-based systems

Changes for v2.0.120 - v2.0.124

  • Minor design improvements

Changes for v2.0.104 - v2.0.105

  • - Minor improvements

Changes for v2.0.85 - v2.0.104

  • - Resolved an issue preventing Sync from automatically starting after installing an update
  • - Can now share a folder using a link and give the receiver owner permissions
  • - Cosmetic enhancements
  • - Some core engine improvements

Changes for v1.4.111 - v2.0.85

  • 2.0.85
  • ​- Fixed various crashes on all OS
  • 2.0.82
  • - Cosmetic fixes only
  • 2.0.81
  • - ​Introduced "My devices" feature
  • - Introduced "On-demand sync" feature
  • - Introduced "User permissions" feature
  • - Updated UI
  • - Numerous bugfixes reported by users in 1.4 version

Changes for v1.4.110 - v1.4.111

  • - Possible Out-Of-Sync issue fix*
  • - Minor core fixes
  • * The "Out-of-Sync" can only be fully fixed in 2.0 thanks to core changes introduced in 2.0. If 1.4.111 does not resolve your out-of-sync, upgrade to 2.0 is advised.

Changes for v1.4.103 - v1.4.110

  • - Fixed issue with Sync hanging due to invalid filename characters
  • - Fixed issue with Sync preventing HDD from sleeping on NAS*
  • - Fixed some incorrect localization text
  • - Fixed issue with confusing old and new filenames in history when renaming
  • - Added new advanced parameter for Linux - config_save_interval
  • - Minor fixes and changes
  • - Remove asterisks in return values of “get_prefs” API call
  • - Fixed sporadic Out-Of-Sync issues

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