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Version history for ConfigFox

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Changes for v1.0 - v1.4

  • - New: Users now can select a custom Firefox executable (Portable, Palemoon, Waterfox, ...) if Firefox is not installed or not found.
  • - New: Tools > Apply dummy files (current profile)
  • - New: Tools > Run Firefox Profile Manager.
  • - New: Help > Check for new version.
  • - New: Help > Donate.
  • - New: Entries that are in user.js but not in ConfigFox collection (default.js) are highlighted.
  • - Changed: ConfigFox collection (default.js) will only contain entries that cannot be set from Firefox itself.
  • - Changed: ConfigFox collection (default.js) groups were reorganized (layout/format stills the same).
  • - Changed: Window width is narrower.
  • - Fixed: Search box no longer have to be focused to navigate through search results (PgUp|PgDown).
  • - Fixed: Improved search code. (Minor window blinks on PgUp|PgDown)
  • - Fixed: Renaming an item in the tree view did not work sometimes. Fixed consistency.
  • - Fixed: Case sensitive awareness for configuration strings (bug when renaming upper/lower case).
  • - Fixed: Message "Profile folder does not exists" if the profile folder was hidden.
  • - Fixed: URL for collection (default.js) updates now points to the master link.
  • - Fixed: Version number was not informed on Help / About.
  • - Minor bug fixes and code optimizations.

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