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Version history for Cyotek CopyTools

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Changes for v1.0.4.3 - v1.0.4.4 Beta

  • removed Disabled glass effects unless using Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • new When logging an exception, diagnosis actions are such as new version downloads or links to workarounds are now displayed, if applicable
  • new When running a mirrored profile, the inclusion / exclusion rules are now applied to files and folders that would otherwise be deleted, allowing you to keep files in the destination folder that do not exist in the source
  • fix In certain circumstances, command line arguments would not be parsed correctly
  • fix When changing settings via the main Options dialog, some settings would not be applied as the old versions were cached

Changes for v1.0.4.2 - v1.0.4.3

  • change Digital signatures reinstated
  • new Added a new option to control whether or not new pre-release (beta) versions are included in update checks
  • new Email notification settings have been moved to a separate section to other settings and will need to re-entered before notifications can be sent. In addition, the SMTP server password is no longer stored in plain text
  • new Add the ability to manually set the date and time profiles will run at. This is an interim feature until the new schedule options are fully implemented
  • new Minor improvements to the Preview Profile window
  • new Added a new option for disabling multi threaded directory scanning
  • new New options have been added for configuration the subject and body content of notification emails
  • new A new configuration option has been added for specifying the sender address of notification emails
  • new Notification emails now include counts of files copied or deleted, and any errors that occurred
  • new Multiple recipients can now be specified for notification emails
  • new Added a new option to display copy progress in the main window title
  • fix If a view crashes when updating, it is now disabled for the remainder of the session without crashing the entire application
  • fix Fixed a crash that occurred using the External Tools dialog the Environment Variables sub menu was clicked
  • fix Fixed an issue where token menus (for example those in the External Tools dialog) containing environment variables could be excessively wide
  • fix Profiles that were manually cancelled while running now display an appropriate status icon
  • fix Closing the main window while a copy was in progress no longer display a cancel copy confirmation dialog if the minimize to notification area option is set
  • fix Fixed a typo in notification emails
  • fix Fixed an issue where starting CopyTools with the /nopoller switch didn't initialize the notification area icon, causing the program to be inaccessible if the application was set to start minimized
  • fix Fixed a crash that occurred when running a compression profile with the compression level set to maximum via the UI slider

Changes for v1.0.4.1 - v1.0.4.2

  • Changes and new features
  • Temporarily removed digital signatures, these will be reinstated shortly
  • When the computer resumes from a suspended state, CopyTools now waits 30 seconds before running any missed profiles, giving time for network connections etc. to be fully initialized
  • Added Windows 10 to application manifests
  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where link labels didn't process the tab key to switch focus, causing focus to stick to that control unless the mouse was used

Changes for v1.0.3.0 - v1.0.4.0

  • Changes and new features
  • Information Experimental Move profiles now support multiple destinations
  • Added the ability to compare files from the Preview Profile dialog using an external tool. Compare options can be found on the new Compare tab of the Options dialog
  • Bug fixes
  • Selecting the Destination Files option for a Compress profile now automatically opens the parent folder if the destination file doesn't exist
  • When checking to see if a file is newer than another, CopyTools now ignores the milliseconds component of the respective time stamp
  • Cancelling a preview closed the preview window but the profile analyse continued to run in the background
  • You can now preview a profile even when the running of profiles has been suspended
  • Repeatedly clicking column headers in sortable lists now correctly cycles between Ascending, Descending and None, instead of only Ascending and Descending
  • Changing the window font is now correctly applied to the main window when the settings are applied, rather than requiring the application to be restarted
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to obtain the display string for an enum value

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