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Version history for eHour

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Changes for v1.4.2 - v1.4.3

  • Bugs fixed
  • [EHO-527] Internal error on report
  • [EHO-529] Manage -> Assignments, when only one project is available under a client the dropdown becomes too small
  • [EHO-528] Manage -> Projects, name & code header switched
  • [EHO-526] Restore fails when there's a user without any roles
  • [EHO-526] Upgrade script for MySQL fails in some cases
  • [EHO-515] xlsx formatted downloads as xls
  • Minor improvements
  • [EHO-525] Added HikariCP for connection pooling. Use with ehour.database.cp=hikari in your
  • [EHO-524] Verify config when booting
  • [EHO-517] JDBC driver classname is no longer required in

Changes for v1.4.1 - v1.4.2

  • Improvements
  • [EHO-454] Search filter in the timesheet
  • [EHO-472] Hide customers in the timesheet
  • [EHO-475] Export to XSLX instead of XLS
  • [EHO-489] Update the French translation
  • [EHO-509] Rename customer to client
  • [EHO-510] In the report page, have prev/current/next options in the quick selection dropdowns listed first
  • Bugs fixed
  • [EHO-465] Current page not highlighted in the main navigation
  • [EHO-470] Navigation calendar broken in the month overview page
  • [EHO-480] Error thrown when two users have the same last name and one of them has no provided first name.
  • [EHO-482] In Manage -> Projects, when filtering the project list the assignment list filtered as well
  • [EHO-488] Locked timesheet can be filled up using 'Book remaining hours on this project
  • [EHO-489] Chinese character set breaks the back-up
  • [EHO-497] Internet Explorer 10 didn't display timesheet correctly
  • [EHO-500] Backup to XML leaks memory
  • [EHO-502] Date formatting in Project Manager section does not respect localization
  • [EHO-503] Current date is shown as "last date" for users who have no start or end date
  • [EHO-504] Default projects don't show any assigned users in "manage projects"
  • [EHO-506] When the backup failed to import the data it corrupted the existing database
  • [EHO-508] Manage Assignments - Projects are cut off
  • [EHO-512] Assignments counts inactive projects, but doesn't load them in the assignment manager.
  • [EHO-514] Labels are clickable for checkboxes

Changes for v1.4 - v1.4.1

  • The Export to Excel icon was missing in the report screens. Version 1.4.1 fixes this.

Changes for v1.3 - v1.4

  • New features
  • [EHO-188] Manager can review and edit the team member's time sheet
  • [EHO-206] Admin can run any user's "your hours -> export this month"
  • [EHO-447] Mail a reminder when a user didn't book hours in a week
  • [EHO-451] Split admin role in admin and manager role
  • Improvements
  • [EHO-181] User report doesn't show users with 0 hours
  • [EHO-294] Revise reporting and provide by day, week, month, quarter, year reports
  • [EHO-429] Ability to enter negative time in the timesheet
  • [EHO-450] Allow users to be excluded from a timesheet lock
  • Bugs fixed
  • [EHO-413] Cannot find export to XLS
  • [EHO-417] Using French locale breaks eHour
  • [EHO-425] Assignment of the user to multiple projects at once doesn't work properly
  • [EHO-431] In the reporting charts, the axes turnover amount and worked hours are opposite
  • [EHO-433] The "export month" screen sometimes lists all projects incl. projects you're not assigned to
  • [EHO-436] Showing rates in the reports did not check the config setting.
  • [EHO-438] When clicking "include inactive" in the report screen, sometimes a Javascript error is thrown
  • [EHO-448] Authenticated SMTP support is broken

Changes for v1.2.2.1 - v1.3

  • now are bundled with Java, no need to install it beforehand.

Changes for v1.2.2 - v1.2.2.1

  • The Windows installers for eHour now are bundled with Java, no need to install it beforehand.

Changes for v1.2.1 - v1.2.2

  • Replacement logo can be updated again, this was broken in 1.2.1
  • Proper error message when trying to add a user with a non-unique username.
  • Auditing all events (read & write) resulted into an endless loop. This is fixed.
  • A large number of active projects broke the screen where a user enters his/hers hours.
  • A dialogue pops up when a user enters hours but does not save the timesheet. This was broken when changing the weeks.
  • Trying to change the username of an existing user through the admin interface was broken. Fixed.
  • Cancelling editing the comment of an hour entry, would erase any existing comment for that entry.
  • eHour now checks regularly (daily) for an update and displays a notification when a new version of eHour is released.

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